Google vs. Bing on "Black White Crime Stats"

    It’s fun to compare Alphabet’s dominant Google search engine to Microsoft’s Bing search engine for politically relevant results.

    I am doing this test in incognito mode so that both search engines give me their generic results rather than results tailored for me.

    For example, say you wanted to look up black versus white crime rates and you start typing black white cri. Here’s what Google autocompletes as suggestions:

    Screenshot 2018-12-29 17.45.29

    And if you add an m at the end, making the term black white crim, Google shuts down completely suggesting any auto-completes:

    Screenshot 2018-12-30 02.40.28

    In contrast, here is what Bing autocompletes for black white cri:

    Screenshot 2018-12-29 17.45.10

    Now if you type Bing’s #2 suggestions “black white crime stats” fully into Google, here’s what Google gives you on the first page of results:

    Screenshot 2018-12-29 17.46.14

    But here is what Bing returns:

    Screenshot 2018-12-29 17.47.26

    Google promotes on its first page of results three fairly neutral sources (Channel4, Wikipedia, and USNews) and two sources that are biased toward the politically correct (SPLC and ColorLines). Bing cites one fairly neutral source (Wikipedia) and two biased toward the politically incorrect (WhitePrivilegeIsntReal and InfoWars).

    It’s interesting that the excerpt chosen from the one source displayed on the first page by both Google and Bing, Wikipedia’s “Race and crime in the United States,” is ambiguous in Google and eye-opening on Bing.

    Try it yourself, using, in Chrome browser, File, New Incognito Window.

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  1. songbird says:

    Obviously, there are some serious shenanigans going on at Google.

    Still, just as a kind of thought experiment, I wonder if the people using different search engines are different and that could lead to different results. Some people probably prefer the default. Then there are corporate partnerships that result in different defaults for products in different price ranges. Some people may be very brand-conscious for “Google.”

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  2. Dave T. says:

    Yeah I dunno, as far as the autofill suggestions, I think Google tries to avoid political autocompletes in general. They don’t suggest “trump racist”, “trump sexist”, or “trump access Hollywood”. As far as the web page results, I dunno, Id have to look into that more.

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  3. Here is the Washington Post article that seems to be the source of the claim that American Citizens commit crime at a greater rate than illegals:

    Let’s just say that black talking heads should not be making that claim!

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  4. Anonym says:

    I am not sure why Google is leaving 50% of the market share for MS to gulp down but that’s what it’s doing. If half the world start using bing their market share becomes much more precarious when it is no longer a monopoly. I have been defaulting to bing for about 6mo now I think. It is serviceable. Not quite as polished but their search is factually correct instead of politically correct where there is a difference.