Meet PULSE-NET; A Whole New Kind Of Internet That Can Never Be Shut Down

Open source PULSE-NET uses the stars in the sky, the sun and immovable mountains and buildings for position sensing. This way, your location can't be spied on and when a solar blast, or space warfare, knocks out all of the GPS satellites, you are still good to go. The reason the USA, China and Russian have created official "Space Forces" is because everyone has heard the plans to blow up or EMF-blast each other nations satellites.

Celestial navigation has been around for centuries. With modern technology, you can even use it in the daytime.

Also, you don't need a satellite to tell you to go so many feet in one direction and then so many feet in the next direction. You just need a surface measuring tool like a pedometer, mileage indicator or laser measure.

An evil corporation or media cartel can't hide, censor, down-rank or stop anybody from finding the stars. That is not a thing they can manipulate.

So how do you get a network with no wires and no servers?

Easy, you just pulse the data out and pick it up later, like a dust devil spraying particles across the desert.

Even streaming video is not actually real-time data. Most TV shows were made long ago. You are not watching much of anything that does not have a few seconds delay on it.

By pulsing the data out on regular radio frequencies, light bursts and a wide mix of electromagnetic frequencies there is enough data space in the world to cover every known communication and media need.

AT&T, Comcast, YouTube and the other big corporate giants are going to launch a multi-billion dollar disinformation campaign to try to stop you from trying this because they can't control it...but...

It is one kind of technology that they can never control. They can't block the stars and they can't mask all of the plain old radio signals.

Forget about their 2G and 3G and 4G signals. You don't need it. Forget about their fiber optic and cable tv cables. You don't need them.

AT&T, Comcast and Youtube want you inside their walled garden. You want freedom. A PULSE-NET connection is what you want.


Programmers around the world are working on this technology now. Soon, open source, $15.00 U.S. circuit boards will be available for anyone to play with.

Just like the Raspberry Pi launched a whole new kind of public computer system, Pulse-Net is launching a whole new kind of internet system. As with Raspberry, at first there was just one kind. Now there are thousands of different Pi-like micro-PC boards.

The technology is far more than just peer to peer mesh networking. It is a global effort to put the web back in the hands of the public.

Using a Pulse-Net is free forever. You never have to pay to use the web again.

If you can program or make rudimentary circuit boards you are now the AT&T of the world.


The "Internet" is the corporation controlled network that looks like a single point with rays of connections spreading out from it.

The "Web" is the public operated mesh of free networks that looks like a spider web or fish-net kind of structure.

On the "Internet" that single point is usually the boss corporations in Silicon Valley. They don't want you to see anything that does not agree with their ideologies and politics. Their limits on your freedom have created the censorship crisis that has the world up in arms. That single point makes Silicon Valley oligarchs the gate-keepers of your information, privacy and news. Nobody likes that.

With a "Web" structure as your internet, you can connect anywhere in the world using almost anything around you like game boxes, phones, Pulse boards, TV's, smart cars, wireless appliances, walkie talkies... you name it.

The future is here and it can't be censored, cut off or charged for!