Public Demands That FBI ID Now Identify If The Agent is A Democrat Or Republican and That All Agents Work In Partisan Pairs

The Last Decade of FBI History Has Been A Dark One Due To Partisan Cover-Ups And Partisan Politics

Top FBI officials have now been exposed in media and Congressional investigations as corrupt operators of private political schemes. That is not the FBI that the public wants it to be.

When an FBI agent whips out his FBI ID wallet, the public wants to see which political party he is shilling for. Demands have been made to color code the ID wallets in either red or blue depending on their party affiliation.

Further, public, media and Congressional leaders want all FBI agents to work in pairs with one being a Democrat and the other being a Republican. Every regional FBI office should have a 50/50 mix of Republicans and Democrats working at it.

Taxpayers deserve to have their FBI fairly spending their tax dollars on their behalf.