Silicon Valley Mafia's Rush To Hire Indian IT is Huge Backfire As 95% of IT “Engineers” in India Incapable, New Report Reveals

A new report by Aspiring Minds, the world’s largest employability assessment company, has revealed that over 95 percent of all IT “engineers” in India are incapable of basic programming—shattering the myth of Indian “IT expertise” and destroying the controlled media’s often-repeated claim that engineers from that country are urgently needed to “boost the skill sets of Europe and America.”

According to the study, titled “National Programming Skills Report,” only 4.77 percent of Indian IT engineers can write the correct logic for a program—a minimum requirement for any programming job.

Aspiring minds is world-famous for helping organizations, governments and institutions measure and identify talent. Their client base includes Sapient, Coca Cola, GE, Amazon, Genpact, Bank of America, CITI bank, HCL, Wipro, Tata Motors, Du Pont, Daimler, and Hyundai.

Their latest report on India’s IT skill levels is also featured as a front cover news story in Dataquest, India’s leading technology magazine in its April 2018 edition.

Over 36,000 engineering students from IT related branches of over 500 colleges took a test developed by Aspiring Minds called Automata, which is the world’s smartest programming assessment that evaluates coding ability of candidates. Using simulated environment for C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, SQL and over a dozen languages, Automata is the only tool to leverage advanced Machine Learning technology to evaluate code.

According to the report’s executive summary:

* Only 1.4 percent of Indian IT engineers can write functionally correct & efficient code.

* More than 60 percent of candidates cannot even write code that compiles.

* Only 4.77 percent candidates can write the correct logic for a program, a minimum requirement for any programming job.

* Programming skills is five times poorer for third tier colleges as compared to tier 1 colleges.

The key findings of the study are listed as follows:

– “Only 36% engineers are able to write compilable code . . . Unfortunately, we find that out of the 2 problems given per candidate, only 14% engineers are able to write compilable codes for both and only 22% write compilable code for exactly one problem. To sustain the growth of IT industry, we need candidates with high technology caliber and better programming skills.”

– “Lack of adequate knowledge to build a logically correct, maintainable code is the key reason for low employability.

– “As low as 2.21% engineers possess the skill to write a fully functional code with best efficiency and writing practices Functionally correct code is the basic requisite of a good programmer . . . The analysis unveils that only 2.21% engineers possess the skillset to write logically correct code with best efficiency & least time-space complexity.”

– “Programming Practices and Programming Ability are the areas of maximum skill gap across demographics . . . Programming Practices is the ability to code in readable & maintainable fashion and Programming Ability is the ability to code in most optimized way.”

The report also found that although Indian males perform terribly at IT skills, Indian females were even worse. Under the section of the report titled “Programming Skill Gender Comparison,” the following summary is found:

“[Skill level] A4:  Functionally and logically correct code: Male 3.16 %; Female  0.71%”

“[Skill level] A3: Functionally correct code with few anomalies: Male 3.48%; Female 1.10%”

“[Skill level] A2:  Functionally incorrect code:  Male 36.15%; Female 22.93%”

“[Skill level] A1: Syntax Error:  Male 57.21%, Female 75.25%.”

The report concludes that “Only 25% of [Indian] females are able to write a compilable code and less than 1% can write logically & functionally correct code.”

The report undermines the oft-repeated claim in the controlled media that India is an “IT giant” and that engineers from that country are urgently needed to “boost the skill sets of Europe and America.”