By Tom Boals

The new Apex777 Browser reference source code is the new internet. It is a browser that you can set to cut out, or include: Google, Chinese spies, Left-wing news, Right-wing news or cat videos.

Anything generated by servers that the open public users identify to be controlled by Google, Conservatives, Liberals, SJW's or frog lovers can be eliminated from your view.

It will never show you anything that is manipulated by others unless you want to see it.

The reference code is available for anyone to copy and skin their own version of the browser.

A master global open source list of DNS addresses, ASIN and other kinds of digital ID numbers tracks who pushes what agenda globally. Any member of the public can add to, or edit, the list and the list can be cross-checked, like Wikipedia, by everyone using the internet.

The browsers looks like any other browser except for two new windows: 1.) A drop down list of "add" or "subtract" items, ie: "Add Google-owned servers" or "Subtract Google-owned servers" and 2.) A "type" field window to put the words of the things you do, or don't, want to see.

Over a trillion dollars has been spent by special-interest groups to try to hide, or show you, news and information that only those special interests want you to see. For free, you can decide what you want to see.

The browser is free to the public.

"Copy it", say the open-source developers. We want the whole world to use it.

With this browser, Google's Democrat-controlled liberal agenda will no longer be pushed in your face and/or the KKK's extreme right-wing agenda will not flood you with Nazi propaganda. You can finally decide what the internet shows you.

The browser IS your search engine. You do not need Google or Facebook to decide what you get to see.

Part of the technology works like the old voice recognition technology breakthrough. In the old days you needed to pass all of the voice across the whole bandwidth. It was then discovered that voice recognition only needed the "outside edges" or outline, of a voice cue, which uses massively less data, to work.

You no longer need to wait for Google's servers to cull the data assigned to your political persuasion profile file. You keep your search data on your own device and in shared clusters across the web.

These clusters work something like torrents work for sharing movies.

Massive security and anonymize options are included as plug-ins including a switching mount to every known VPN.

The browser is also designed to interface to all of Tim Berners-Lee's new modules as they are released.