We and our co-workers witnessed some guys stealing money from both, our company and the US Government Treasury. We reported it to the cops. It turned out to be part of one of the biggest embezzlement crimes ever exposed. Major political figures and tech "bosses" turned out to be running a "PayPal Tech Mafia". The bad guys then began hunting us down and attacking us in reprisal "for the rest of our lives" per their threats and their ongoing retribution vendettas.

It was found that famous senators, their Silicon Valley oligarch financiers and their associates run an organized crime insider trading scam that abuses taxpayers and sabotages competing businesses. The terminations of the heads of the FBI, The Department of Energy and other famous people in politics is because of their operation, and cover-ups, of this case. The cover-ups are still going on. Our ability to get justice in this matter is still blockaded.

We will fight to the death to get justice because they tried to kill us, ruin our business and destroy our names. Every day an increasingly large number of the 300 million potential voters join the effort to expose, shame, dox, bankrupt, boycott and 100% legally exterminate the corrupt entities who did these illicit things by using our Democracy as their billionaire's plaything.

Hundreds of the perpetrators have already been fired, placed under permanent public surveillance, financially tracked through every asset, reported to federal agencies and targeted for investigation. The goal is to interdict every single person, company and political operative group who is engaging in these crimes using crowd-sourced investigation and intelligence tools.