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- Wash your hands often and vigorously with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

- NEVER TOUCH a: Elevator button, public handrail, door knob, office door grab handle, bar counters, cross-walk button, movie or stadium seat, train seat, airplane seat, bus seat or hand-grab. Insist that the owners of any bank, store, office or public building install automatic, no-contact, doors.

- You can get re-infected over and over. Some people, such as those with AIDS, will get reinfected many times until they either die or build up immunity.

- Each of the infected can redistribute particles in the air, or on surfaces, up to THIRTY feet around them.

- Push elevator buttons, and other public buttons, with the tip of your car key instead of your fingers.

- Be wary of "guidance" from some politicians who own insider trading stock market assets in companies that will get up-sided, or down-sided, by the profits from certain "guidance".

- There are DIFFERENT tests. The Nose Poker tests is the nasty tube shoved up into your sinuses. The first ones of those did not work. The Blood Draw test is a syringe in your arm. The Finger Prick test is the one that looks for anti-bodies to see if you already had it. The Home Test is like a diabetes test but it is in very early design phase. There are not even remotely enough of any of these tests available for the population. If you have the signs of a Bloom or Cytokine Storm - go to the hospital ER!

- Insist that every jet, train and cruise ship stop operating the moment any infection exceeds 200 people per 1000 in any city.

- Most of the infected show no visible signs of being infected until weeks later. Assume that anyone could be infected and capable of transmission and stay 10+ feet away from others until the CDC advises otherwise. COVID will never be "contained". It is past the saturation point. Everybody may eventually get it:

- Phylogenetic networks and AI databases can track the original source of the virus down to Patient zero. As data comes in from nations around the globe, we will eventually find out where it came from.

- Even though Zoom and other teleconference sites have become popular, they are the single easiest manner to allow hackers to penetrate your computer or phone. Decide if Zoom is really worth letting the whole world see your bank records, dating messages and medical records when the hackers enter through them.

- Stupid people, who are dirty slobs with no ability to consider consequences, will likely be terminated by a pandemic but you must adjust to the fact that some of those around you are unintentionally trying to infect you. Even worse, there are a large number of videos on YouTube and Liveleak of people intentionally spitting on elevator buttons and fruit. Beware of anything in the public venue.

- Any group of people can restart a transmission cycle. Until the government notifies you that the pandemic has reduced to one infection in 500 people, avoid all groups of people. The disease is far more extensive than was first thought:

- If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.

- Cruise Lines and Airlines knew there was a pandemic and kept going for profits. Carnaval Cruise lines even says in their contract that they record all of your social media and analyze it with CIA precision. They Knew!: 

- Disease particles can survive on surfaces for WEEKS. Wipe all Amazon plastic delivery envelopes with alcohol before touching them. Never touch a public handrail or public surface. Any public surface can be infected.

- Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Your tear ducts are rapid entry points for the virus.

- Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Virus particles hang in the air for many minutes so do not walk through an area where coughing or sneezing people are.

- Remdesivir, and other medications, have been proven to treat the disease. If your COVID "blooms" or triggers the "Cytokine Storm" effect you can now be treated and survive. Currently there are not enough doses of the good medicines and manufacturing must be accelerated.

-  Stay home when you are sick.

- Some politicians lied to the public about the effectiveness of masks in order to mask their own failure to order enough masks. H95 masks, when used properly, DO stop the virus IF YOU Never adjust them or touch your face after putting them on and if you clean them overnight with a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide. There are at least 10 things you must know about how to use, and misuse, an H95 Mask. Read ALL of the instructions for them.

- You have not yet heard all of the data from the Middle East and Africa. Due to the reduced medical resources in those regions, the effects will be awful.

-  Carpenter's mask's offer minimal protection. Only H95 masks are effective. Anything that stops microscopic particles from reaching your skin, your lungs and your ducts is good as long as it does not restrict your breathing.

- You can survive a full infection if you are in good health, well nourished and stay hydrated.  Watch for reinfection.

- Covid kills via suffocation and heart failure. The lungs and the heart muscles are destroyed in severe Phase 3 cases. Baain damage occurs in a number of the severe cases.

- The virus can hang in the air for a significant period of time. If a group of people are walking towards you, cross the street so you do not inhale their coughs and sneezes.

- When you are shopping, wear an H95 mask and rubber gloves and throw the gloves away afterwards. The virus can live on product containers for days, so wipe products with alcohol wipes. An infected clerk can re-spread the virus.

- Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.

- The previous Ebola Crisis, The Bird Flu Crisis and the SARS crisis gave adequate notice of the need for H95 masks and other PPE. Some nations did not heed the advice and did not order enough supplies for their populations.

- Stop drinking alcoholic drinks, they reduce your immune system.

- "Moon-shot"-type national manufacturing programs must always be ready for such pandemics.

- Certain politicians own stocks in China and are financed by China and those politicians held up some of the out-reach because they wanted to protect their Chinese stock holdings and financiers.

- For meetings you can drive to a parking lot and back your car into a parking spot. Have the person you are meeting with drive forwards into the next parking spot so that both drivers are right next to each other. Keep all of your windows up and talk via cell phone. Then you are in a protected bubble in your car.

- Don't be too concerned about testing. You can easily get reinfected by COVID and the probe they shove down your nose is not fun. Worry more about getting too close to the infected that do not know they are infected. Testing is for those with full systems at risk of death.

- The disease can be spread via intimate contact with any skin surface. Don't touch things in the public.

- Avoid mass transit, movie and entertainment theaters and crowds.

- Stop smoking or being around smokers. Smoking makes you highly susceptible to death from COVID

- The disease can survive for a number of days on money. Handle cash with care. Soak your pocket change in alcohol and put change given to you by a clerk in a ziplock bag without handling it. Wash your money in hot soapy water and let it dry.

- Write Hollywood movie studios and plead with them, for pubic safety, to release all new films on the web for the protection of audiences. Demand that the studios offer a fair price for single person homes.

- If you know of an elderly person who appears to be alone and sick, please contact them by telephone to check on them.

- Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.


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