We Reported This Crime To These Officials And They Did Nothing To Help Us!

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We Reported This Crime To These Officials And They Did Nothing To Help Us!

We sent certified letters, time stamped emails, fed-ex reports, tracked USPS documents, FBI-FD-302 drafts, broadcast news reports and filed federal multiple lawsuits that are on public record. Many of these officials did NOTHING to help us and everything to stonewall and cover-up the crimes because many of them are engaged in the bribes, kick-backs, payola, revolving doors, search engine rigging, black-lists, stock market insider trading and securities protection rackets. Now we are making certain that every member of the public has these facts by delivering this information to 100,000, or more, different voter and citizens per day. We have digital proof of receipt with the following parties:

  • Senator Dianne Feinstein
  • Bill Cooper, U.S. Department of Energy General Counsel
  • San Francisco FBI officer Patricia Rich
  • San Francisco FBI office, 450 Golden Gate, Duty Officer
  • San Francisco FBI office Director David Johnson
  • San Francisco Police Department, Case # receipt received
  • San Mateo Police Department, Public Record
  • 42 Different officials at GAO per their direct emails
  • 16 different officials at the SEC per their direct emails
  • Secretary of Energy Moniz
  • Senator Nancy Pelosi
  • Senator Jared Huffman
  • Margrethe Vestager, EU
  • Rep. Jackie Speier
  • Jerry Brown’s Justice Department Lead: Ken Alex
  • Barack Obama
  • U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
  • FBI Director James Comey
  • DOJ - Inspector General
  • Cecelia Howell, Office of Investor Education & Advocacy, SEC 
  • Department of Energy Inspector General
  • Secretary of Energy Steven Chu
  • White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs
  • White House Advisor David Axelrod
  • California Attorney General Kamala Harris
  • Senator Barbara Boxer
  • California Secretary of State’s Office
  • California Crime Victims Board – vcgcb.ca.gov
  • United States Department of Justice – Obama Administration
  • FBI – Obama Administration
  • SEC – Obama Administration
  • CFTC – Obama Administration
  • Secret Service – Obama Administration
  • Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General
  • Rebecca Alery, Staffer to Congressman Emmer
  • Carly Atchison, Communications Director to Congressman Emmer
  • Trey Gowdy - U.S. Congress
  • Anti-trust Office, USDOJ
  • Whistleblowers.org
  • Abbey Rime, press organizer for Congressman Tom Rime
  • Citizen Complaint Center, Antitrust Division, Department of Justice
  • Premerger & Division Statistics, Office of Operations, Antitrust Division - USDOJ
  • ATVMIP Staff, Loan Programs Office, U.S. D.O.E.
  • Representative Kate Barlow
  • Angelia Bowman, Program Manager, US Department of Energy
  • Kate Braun, Office of Congressman Tom Emmer
  • Marc A. Cevasco, Chief of Staff, Congressman Ted W. Lieu
  • Nate Riggins, Senior Staff, Congressman Ted W. Lieu
  • Inspector General - Social Security Administration
  • Jessica Chan, SEC
  • Director, Oak Ridge Clearinghouse, United States Department of Energy
  • Multiple Form 95 Federal Claims Forms that were stone-walled and never responded to
  • Nicholas Banasevic, Head of Unit, EU Investigations
  • FTC High Technology Task Force
  • NHTSA Safety Board Chairman
  • Jennifer Decesaro, United States Department of Energy
  • Devin O'Malley, USDOJ
  • Office of the Special Counsel Case ID # DI-19-2009 and other case #'s
  • Melissa Darr, U.S. D.O.E.
  • Tricia Evans, United States Congress
  • Docket Branch, Office of Hearings and Appeals, OHA.Filings@hq.doe.gov
  • Paul Fitzpatrick, Chief of Staff, Congressman Mark Meadows (North Carolina - 11)
  • Mart Bailey, Business Partner to the Feinstein Family
  • Herb Newman, Business Partner to the Feinstein Family
  • The FTC FOIA Unit
  • Frank Rusco- GAO Lead, at (202) 512-3841 or ruscof@gao.gov
  • Chris Morris, FOIA Officer, Department of Energy
  • Communications Office, CIA
  • Dhillon Law Group Inc.
  • Matthew Haskins At the office of Rep. Hurd
  • Bob Haueter, Chief of Staff, U.S. Congress
  • Keith Holloway, NTSB
  • hotline@oig.treas.gov
  • Hotline Coordinator, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General
  • Jessica Hartman at nara.gov
  • Gregory Krauss, Attorney, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Hearings and Appeals
  • Kyle Yunaska, United States Department of Energy
  • Scott Lucarelli, FOIA Liaison, Office of the Chief Counsel, EMCBC, DOJ
  • Gosia Olczyk, Claes BENGTSSON,Friedrich Wenzel BULST, Cabinet of M. Vestager
  • Cheryll Barton, SMA to Justine Johannes, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Alexander Morris, United States Department of Energy, Obama
  • Office of Policy and Coordination, Bureau of Competition, Federal Trade Commission
  • Office for Civil Rights (OCR), 200 Independence Ave., SW, DC
  • OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICES, National Archives & Records Administration
  • Carole Richmond, Special Aide To Rep. Carter
  • Monique C. Winkler, Associate Regional Director for Enforcement, SEC
  • Olga E. Santiago Lugo, State Policy Advisor, USDOJ
  • Sunita Satyapal, USDOE Energy Programs
  • Sydney Schneir & Jennifer DeCesaro, DOE liaison officers
  • Agent Carina Schoenberger, US DOJ
  • Gabriela Sterling & Cody Laliberte at Rep. Walters office
  • The White House press office
  • Rick Perry, United States Department of Energy
  • Office of the Victims’ Rights Ombudsman, USDOJ
  • Roman Vayner, Esq., CIPP/US,OIA, U.S. Department of Energy
  • California Victim Compensation Board
  • Judiciary Committee’s Oversight and Investigations staff
  • witness@theguardian.com
  • Ray Yonkura At The U.S. Congress

And hundreds more...



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