Armies of Chinese Hackers Are Scanning Your Devices, Every Minute, Trying To See You Naked, Or Hear You Having Sex

Does your computer, tablet or phone say it is not connected? It is lying!

Is the fan-shaped icon on the top navigation bar empty, indicating no wireless connection? It is lying!

Does your “Smart TV” say it does not have it’s spy option turned on? It is lying!

Does your cell phone say it is turned off? It is lying!

The Chinese Hackers now have huge farms of automated software that never sleep, never stop and always scan the entire world to look for any device circuit board that you own.

When it finds it, it adds that device to the digital spy file that the hackers server farms keep on you. You are now a permanent target. No matter how boring you think you and your job are, you will get naked at least once a day and you will have sex as often as you can.

You don’t have to work for the State Department to get the spies watching you around the clock. You just need to own a shower and a bed. If you own a back account and a credit card, even better.

The Chinese Hackers can now make the software, and circuit boards, on any device you own, pretend like it is turned off so that you are more willing to misbehave around it.

“OFF” never actually means OFF in the modern world.

There is now zero security in the idea that turning a device off will make you safe. Pulling the battery out may help you, but many devices have back-up batteries hidden inside them.

What is the solution? As obnoxious as it sounds, your only hope is to not have any device that uses a battery or plug, in the same rooms that you get drunk in, naked in, talk in, have sex in, or have meetings in.

The Hackers are not put off by the fact that you live in a small town in a boring neighborhood where “not much happens”. All the better, you will be less suspicious and they can catch you doing even more things. The farmers wife in the 500 person town in Nebraska is just as vulnerable, and interesting, to them as the millionaires wife in the penthouse in Manhattan.

Whatever you thought you knew about the on/off button is no longer true. Your device is watching you through cameras you may not even be able to see and listening to you through microphones that can hear you in the other side of your house.

You electronics are your new worst enemy. This includes your FITBiT and similar exercise wearables, your NEST home thermostat and similar “Smart Home” things. If you can get results from your gadget on your phone, then the Chinese Hackers are getting it too.