Consumer Action Groups Demand Pilots Manually Release Masks At First Sign of Smoke In Plane. Lithium Ion Danger.

A number of recent “smoke in passenger compartment” airplane, train and bus incidents have created a heightened demand for a more rapid breathing apparatus response from pilots and staff.

The detailed vapor studies of Lithium ion smoke (SHOWN HERE) and the increasing incidents of lithium ion fires (SHOWN HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND MORE..) Have raised a call for pilots, in particular, to release the yellow breathing masks at the first scent of smoke. This is because the smoke has usually turned out to be from an igniting lithium ion battery, which releases carcinogenic, nerve damaging, brain and liver damaging toxic smoke. Lithium ion smoke in a compressed breathing chamber, like an airplane, is highly toxic and can lead to long term, and fatal results, according to federal studies of the smoke particulates from burning lithium ion cells.

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