‘-Are the Bureaucrats down-playing the Ebola Crisis in order to protect airline industry profits


Are the Bureaucrats  down-playing the Ebola Crisis in order to protect airline industry profits

This is a disease that can’t be stopped. This is a CDC that can’t keep deadly toxins under control. This is a TSA under litigation for fondling.  bearucrat

The only current defense is telling TSA agents to: “WATCH FOR RUNNY NOSES”?

Seriously? Are you kidding, nobody sneezes on an airplane? The sweaty fever symptoms are not going to get something moist? The sick one won’t ever touch a doorknob or seat back that another passanger might touch? By then the infected have already started killing those around them. Really, you have tested this in a sealed metal tube full of hundreds of people?

This is as bad as the Zombie Apocalypse (Without all of the flesh-eating). The infection rate is as bad as the Zombies and just as deadly. You have all seen the movies, you know how fast awful viral infections spread through huge countries.

Why are we acting as if nothing is wrong? Avoiding taking action TODAY can have unspeakable results! Do we REALLY want to be gazing out over mountains of bodies, a year from now, saying,: “Oh, yah, ya know, we really shoulda stopped all of those flights back then…?”

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