The Obama/Biden White House handed Elon Musk more money than any person has ever received from the government. They gave Musk the money and exclusive resources and tax waivers because Musk and his Silicon Valley boyfriends were rigging global media for Obama’s political campaign.

Musk took the money and hired the largest pack of criminally corrupt investment bankers, creepy lawyers and scumbag lobbyists the world has ever seen. Most of the politicians in California arranged to get insider trading profits from Musk. That is why he Musk is hard-to-arrest

Per the FBI, GAO, FTC, SEC and Congressional Investigations:

The federal deposition questions for corrupt public figures are easy enough for the FBI to ask and require simple “yes” or “no” answers:

1. “Under penalty of imprisonment if you lie: will the FBI, The SEC, FINCEN and Interpol be able to confirm that you, or your family members never owned any stock in Tesla, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube or any publishing company?”

2. “Under penalty of imprisonment if you lie: will the FBI, The SEC, FINCEN and Interpol be able to confirm that you, or your family members never took any action to cause government actions which would financially or politically benefit Tesla, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube or any publishing company?”

3. “Under penalty of imprisonment if you lie: will the FBI, The SEC, the FEC, FINCEN and Interpol be able to confirm that you, or your family members never took any action to finance or support political campaigns in coordination with Tesla, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube or any publishing company?”

We look forward to certain major political figures and VC’s being asked those questions in live, televised, Congressional hearings and public jury trials.

Corrupt political families conspire to give government funds, contracts, tax waivers, buildings, stock market profits and other insider perks to themselves and their friends. They also conspire to blockade, harm, sabotage and black-list those who compete with them and their friends. These corrupt politicians are never prosecuted for their crimes, and can laugh in the face of those who point out their crimes, because they control the prosecution system. Their Quid Pro Quo criminal corruption is the single largest cause of the taxpayer hatred of Congress.

Corruption exists in many government offices in a history-making federal court case in Washington, DC.

Regarding the Department of Energy: Hundreds of companies applied for a (rigged) government funding program. The government had enough money for every single one of the applicants to get funded to build their products. Only a handful of friends of a political boss actually got the funds, though; in order of which of those few gave the most political campaign financing to that political boss.

All of the associates of that political boss happened to be secret co-owners, and future employees of, that handful of insiders that got the money and forged their monopolistic companies in the fires of corruption. Some, like Musk, were even on the verge of bankruptcy and had no factory design…but they still got the cash based simply on Quid Pro Quo.

All of the OTHER applicants were competitors to that handful of friends-of-the political boss who had better, safer, lower cost, longer range, better debt-ratio, 100% domestically produced products….but the insiders couldn’t handle that kind of competition. The insiders had to CHEAT to Compete. The insiders violated RICO and Antitrust laws but were ‘protected’ by other insiders. The agency used the other applicants as a smoke screen. They were window dressing. The other applicants were defrauded and lied to about a government program that had already been ‘hard-wired’, in advance, exclusively to a few insiders. The other applicants never had a chance in hell of getting the funds unless they financed the political boss.

The Applicants were defrauded out of millions of dollars of their life savings and years of their time by corrupt agency officials who knew their program was just a stock market pump-and-dump scam. The agency never apologized, offered offsets or did anything but stage more crony corruption.

The lying scumbag PR agency officers repeated the scam propaganda line that the program was “so successful” over-and-over but it was still a lie. That agency had presided over the largest number of failed government projects in American history and the biggest taxpayer losses in American history. The whole project turned out to be a pump-and-dump stock market scam to provide unjust gains to a few political friends.

Fusion GPS, Black Cube, Gawker and Google were hired to attack any citizen or reporter that complained about the corruption.

A huge number of witnesses are happy to verify every fact in these assertions, in a live, public, televised Congressional hearing. Hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence, proving the assertions, are posted online and in Court records.

As of today, most of the corrupt government insiders, and the attackers they hired, have been hunted down, fired, indicted, arrested, had their companies bankrupted, been sued, re-hired by The White House and then fired again, and/or been placed under permanent federal and news outlet investigation. The crooked politicians that created this scam have now transferred all of the technology to CHINA, so that no American, except the ultra rich, can ever even get to use the amazing U.S.-created technologies involved! America got screwed, crooked politicians got to hang out on “sex island, and the latest head of the agency was just indicted for pandering and insider trading, as usual!

Said one of the legal specialists: “… Pay or Perish! If you attack us, we will use 100% legal forensic technologies to erase your valuation, your company and your brand unless you pay for the damages you caused! Those who chose to CHEAT INSTEAD OF COMPETE have always learned their lesson! If you hire Fusion GPS or Black Cube because you can’t compete, the FBI, Interpol and FINCEN will be the least of your problems!…”



## Bribes paid to politicians, including search engine rigging, shadow-bans, covert stock trades, etc;  to maintain their MONOPOLIES, and avoid regulation, paid by Musk, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Sony Pictures = $22 Billion+

## Offshore tax evasion and money laundering by Musk, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Sony Pictures = $2 Trillion+

## Lobbying money, including placing their own executives in control of the main government office, to control the United States Patent Office for the exclusive protection benefit of Musk, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Sony Pictures = $42 Billion+

## Exclusive ‘favored nations’ cash and contracts from the government in exchange for bribes and stock manipulations for Musk, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Sony Pictures = $120 Billion+

## Percentage of Congress that covertly owns the business of Musk, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Sony Pictures = 98%

## Number of lobbyists and political manipulation operatives working for Musk, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Sony Pictures = 520+

## Number of Cyber-Assassination services like Fusion GPS, Black Cube, The Agency, etc, working for Musk, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Sony Pictures = 1280+

## Number of times Musk, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Sony Pictures have violated the privacy and data rights of Americans = Hundreds of Millions of Times

## Amount of money Musk, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Sony Pictures has cost the government/taxpayers in failed efforts and losses = $600 Million+

Details, and proof, on the numbers, above, always available in live, televised, Congressional hearings…




Now, the average Joe might wonder if companies really do engage in such shenanigans but a quick search on the WWW.PACER.GOV law repository, or a call with the FBI, FINCEN or INTERPOL shows that they do it every day.

These companies have spent billions of dollars bribing Congress and putting their shills INSIDE the U.S. Patent Office to make sure that small inventors NEVER get their money. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Netflix, Tesla, Sony Pictures, et al; liberally steal all of their technologies. Google and Facebook put their own lawyers on the board seats and offices in charge of The U.S. Patent Office operations in order to keep from having to pay inventors.

These companies have spent billions of dollars on lobbyists and horrific “kill services” like: Cardinal & Pine; Pacronym, Acronym;  The Americano; Investing in US; Shadow Inc; Courier Newsroom; IN-Q-Tel; Gawker Media; Jalopnik; Gizmodo Media; K2 Intelligence; WikiStrat; Podesta Group; Fusion GPS; Clearview AI Face Tracking, Google; YouTube; Alphabet; Facebook; Twitter; Think Progress; Media Matters); Black Cube; Correct The Record; Orbis Business Intelligence, Undercover Global Ltd; Stratfor; Jigsaw; ShareBlue/Acronym; Versa LLC; American Ledger; Supermajority News; New Venture Fund; Sixteen Thirty Fund; Cambridge Analytica; Sid Blumenthal; States Newsroom; Hopewell Fund;  Open Society.; Palantir, Kroll, David Brock; AmpliFire News; American Bridge; Plouffe Consulting; Pantsuit Nation; MotiveAI; American Bridge 21st Century Foundation; Priorities USA; PR Firm Sunshine Sachs; The American Independent Foundation; Covington and Burling; Buzzfeed; The American Independent; Perkins Coie; Secondary Infektion; Wilson Sonsini and thousands more are hired to scan EVERY database, every hour to run hit-jobs, character assassinations, dirty tricks and economic reprisal attacks on Plaintiff, and any targets who compete with Facebook, Google, YouTube, Netflix, Tesla, Sony Pictures, et al.

So these big time investigative news reporters (like ICIJ.ORG) , inventor groups like USINVENTOR.org and a group of forensic investigators go poking around. The insiders at Facebook, Google, YouTube, Netflix, Tesla, Sony Pictures, et al; turned out to be either financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; our business adversaries, or the Senators, tech executives and politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital search manipulation services to.

Criminal U.S. Senators and White House staff coordinated and profited in these schemes and exchanged stock perks with the lawyers. For example; One California Senator’s family owned and controlled A.) Government trained attack ‘spies’ formerly with the CIA, NSA, etc., B.) The leasing contracts for Tesla and Solyndra, C.) Their office staff that threatened Plaintiff in writing and in-person to Plaintiff’s Washington DC staff, D.) the financing for Tesla and Solyndra, E.) The construction services for Tesla and Solyndra, F.) The staffing company for Tesla and Solyndra, G.) The adjacent railroad services for Tesla and Solyndra, H.) Key suppliers for Tesla and Solyndra, I.) Goldman Sachs cooperative relationships for Tesla and Solyndra, J.) Transitions from their own Senate Office staff to revolving door jobs at Tesla and Solyndra, K.) Government decisions for Tesla and Solyndra, L.) The relationship incentives between Google, Tesla and Solyndra and that Senator’s campaign financing to that Senator; and other illicit conflicts of interest. Plaintiff owned the competing electric car company and technology that would have obsoleted Tesla, Google and Solyndra and was the first to begin negotiations with the factory that Tesla later took over at the insistence of that Senator, even though Elon Musk appears in news reports, previously stating that he saw no use for the building for Tesla.

Silicon Valley has had the largest number of Congressional hearings against it, BUT the least number of regulations imposed on it. Why? You can look no further than the covert ownership of Silicon Valley by elected officials. Our politicians get paid bribes, by Silicon Valley, to keep the political corruption alive and well while they operate, with impunity, as the biggest threats to society ever manifested.