Elon- not so nice?

We received this letter from Donald who has been working on the line at Tesla until recently, he asked us to pass his thoughts along-

” I am getting so sick of reading about how Elon Musk is a ‘god among men’, he is
the ‘living embodiment of Iron Man’, ‘he is the greatest humanitarium the world has ever known…BS! Elon MUsk spends massive amounts of money on two different PR firms and SEO services with orders to make him look as close to a second Jesus as possible. His insane ego is beyond words. These PR firms pay editors and writers, with Musks’s money to write this crap. The backers of Tesla made him go stay in Los Angeles because he is rude, insulting, abusive, paranoid and anal to every employee at Tesla. Tesla has hired great people but the good ones all left once they got a whiff of Musk madness. He is only allowed up here once a week. Everyone at the company thinks he is the biggest prick in history.

Musk is only where he is because he was lucky enough to get an un-earned windfall from Paypal. Now he has too much money and even after spending all the money you could possibly imagine on parties, hookers and buying time with celebrities he has too much money so he told his PR people to buy him an image. Speaking of image, he and two of his investors have such ego problems that they would rather lie to the public, the media and investors about how broken the cars are, how few people want them and how under-used the most expensive non-functional car factory in the world is! They need to tell people that Tesla is bombing and not let people labor under these wrong ideas from his PR blitz.”