‘-“FIND A GIRL AND SETTLE DOWN” was a phrase created by Bankers to sell loans. Gay marriage controversy!

“FIND A GIRL AND SETTLE DOWN” was a phrase created by Bankers to sell loans. Gay marriage controversy!

Who benefits financially from heterosexual marrige?

Banks get to sell you loans for the house and the babies. Single people don’t buy many homes. Gay people don’t have many babies.

Churches get most of their money from heterosexual families. Family participation at churches creates a psychological pressure point which makes the parents feel bad if they don’t put money in the collection plate in front of the kids.

Gay people don’t have babies, so some banks, and church’s, think they are a “bad investment.”

Let’s talk about the marketing efforts that some churches and banking organizations engage in to keep the money flowing. How are these practices good, or bad?

Is that why Gay people have it so hard? Because Banks and churches think they are a financial sinkhole? Is it really not about morals at all, but about PROFITS?

The new UN investigation into the Catholic Church has exposed that the, nearly bankrupt, church fears a loss of $380 Billion from gays in society because they think they will disrupt the cash-flow. Could this be what the real-deal is?  Banking groups have emulated this kind of thinking in their own white-papers about how gays are “not good business” because “they don’t make families and they do not create a baby-making lineage” of “FIND A GIRL AND SETTLE DOWN” Leave-It-To-Beaver-ness!

The church is NEVER going to support gays! You gays are too expensive for them! BUT, Here is a solution, if all of the homosexuals give the Catholic church 25% of their annual income, The Church will make everything OK, almost overnight. Hey, What do ya’ say?

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Wendy Olivian- Chicago (First Published in Slate)


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