Gameboxes & mobile devices cause chemical addiction!!!!

Dopamine, Oxytocin, and other brain chemicals are stimulated to a, potentially permanent,  addiction state when you, and your kids, use video games, tablets and cell phones!

Have you ever tried to call your kid to dinner while he was playing Gears of War and suddenly have your “sweet innocent baby” whip around, werewolf-like, and snarl at you “YOU WAIT!!!!” with a shocking demon expression on their face? Addiction!

Ever see perfectly normal people walk out into traffic without even considering the likelihood of death because they are glued to their Facebook page? Addiction!

It is now known that these devices set off brain chemicals that cause addiction and that content and device makers exploit these psycho-chemical factors to take your money.

Spy agencies use this addiction to create stress disorder symptoms in the bad guys so that they will be overly stressed and paranoid and make more mistakes that might get them caught. This has now bled over into the whole of society.

Reading the reports, below, you will see the proven, deeply researched university studies that show how electronic devices could be turning us into a nation of madmen. Humans are EASILY addicted to thousands of things. Kids are the MOST EASILY addicted to things. McDonald’s founder  taught us “get ’em while they are young and you’ve got ’em for life”; hence the clown, playground and toys at every McDonalds: Addiction generation!

You, and your kids, can get addicted to “checking in” to your social media and experiencing a fake digital society without even knowing it; all the while their ads are slowly flowing into your, now softened-up, brain addiction centers.

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