Google Executives and VC’s hire more hookers than any other company on Earth!

Ahh living the dream: The cute little trophy wife, the BMW, khaki pants, the sweet condo in Palo Alto and a river of prostitutes! Now you are operating at full peer level with the rest of the Google executives!

Having too much money, feeling like your shit doesn’t stink and being enmeshed in the arrogance of the misogynistic Silicon Valley frat boy club can do things to your mind. It can twist that mind into a very kinky addiction to porn, sex and the need to control women.

Even both sides of the U.S. Congress recently chided Silicon Valley’s sexist hiring and abuse metrics.

Why would a woman marry ANYBODY from Silicon Valley, knowing that they will always be second fiddle to a conveyer belt of super-hot hookers.


Google execs have even gotten smart about it, they have a cloud-based comparison service, to rate the girls they have banged, at   (Which just got busted, revealing EVERY Google fuck-girl and her Executive Client List, so they moved it to Google Docs. You are not a true Google Brogrammer until another Google Brogrammer has passed you the secret Google Docs Whore link) The story goes that Eric used to skim off all of the good ones but since the Russian mob started flying in charter jets full of hot Ukrainian whores, there is now a glut of flat-stomached, Victoria secret-looking super-cute Silicon Valley hookers… and THEY ALL WILL DO ANAL!! Yahoo! (Oh , Yah, Yahoo Execs hire all the ones that Google leaves behind) Everybody wants to get out of the Ukriane. If you think the immigrants from Mexico are a problem, count the daily arrival of Ukrainian hookers in Silicon Valley.

Since the closure of Redbook, and OKCUPID have become the #1 source of prostitutes in the world. You can tell which ones are the hookers by their photos, and codewords, ie: “generous”, “gentleman”, “appreciates nice things”, “quality”, “finer things”, etc. The owners of encourage hooker clients because they make the most money off the customer repeats from them.

Now they have to drive “ALL THE WAY UP TO” San Francisco where they can select girls from the exclusive: “The Battery”, a “private social club” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) in San Francisco’s Financial District that opened late last year for rich Google horny boys and escort/girlfriend selecting. The old way was looking for the codewords: “Discrete”, “Generous” or “Gentleman” in ads but has turned out to be mostly fake profiles so the boys upped their game by creating their own database comparison resources.

According to A top escort supplier to Google executives and VC’s, the most asked for trick: urinating on the prostitute..ugh!

Do the hookers of Google exemplify the depths to which Silicon Valley has descended or is this just the beginning? Are Schmidts NY Sex Penthouse, Sergey’s 4 way with employees and the Ellen Pao sex lawsuit just the tip of the iceberg?

Besides getting killed by your prostitutes, the other thing that often happens is getting blackmailed by your hooker. The Silicon Valley Hooker Dream: “Getting pregnant by a married Google Executive”, Says Mary, A University Avenue working girl. Woooo Baby!: Child Support in the big seven figures bracket! And if they don’t pay, well, you just kill them and get knocked up by another one. Cool. Silicon Valley is such a lovely place, isn’t it?

Best tertiary revenue creation: STD treatment fees for private doctors!

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Tom H- Mountain View- Oracle




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