Google to RapGenius and adversaries (ie: Republicans, regulators, Microsoft, etc.): “Watch, we have the power to destroy any person, company or candidate that bugs our investors!” Free Speech and Conspiracy Law Violations?

Remember the Twilight Zone opening? “We control your thoughts…”


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Google has proven, time and time again, from RapGenius to Rick Santorum to Uri Dowbenko to Dr. Guy Hingston to Bettina Wulff to Johnny I. Henry to the recent Aussie “Mokbel” case to vast numbers of other cases, that they consciously manipulate public information in order to try to control public thought, moods and inclinations, relative to who their investors friends, and enemies, are.

This is a violation of anti-monopoly laws in a number of countries. Many feel that Google has taken over the majority portion of the internet and, thus, must answer to a more overt set of ethics, transparency and law requirements. They say it cannot exist simply as a private thought control tool for certain billionaires. Google’s arguments that the defamation’s and attacks are ” accidental results from arbitrary algorithms” has been proven to be 100% false in a number of court cases world-wide, and by a number of leading SEO forensics analytic experts who have now made themselves available to testify in investigations.


Rappers in Oakland are attacking Google Buses, Google brought the pain. Postings and links related to RapGenius are thought to have riled up Oakland and San Francisco musicians who are being forced out of their homes by Google employee Hipsters :

BREAKING: Protesters attack Google bus in West Oakland …

Local news organization KQED reports that Google has confirmed the attackRap Genius plummets in Google results, apologizes for spammy SEO practices. The Verge. 13 hours ago.…
BREAKING: Protesters attack Google bus in West Oakland

By Carmel DeAmicis On December 20, 2013 [This is a breaking news post, which we will be updating as more information comes in.] Tensions between Bay Area activists and tech institutions ratcheted up this morning when protestors attacked a Google bus in West Oakland, smashing the bus…

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