How social media companies brain-wash you and steal your future!

Ever seen a cow?

They are an animal that is kept in a pen and harvested to produce milk that is
sucked out of them by a machine each day. They are kept dumb and alive so they can be used to provide something: Milk, to an outside business group.

You don’t want to be a cow do you? Harvested for your life data? Drained of your
privacy, daily, by a computer or phone machine? Steered into a daily routine
controlled by Google, Facebook and their advertisers?

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Xfinity and all of the rest use a technology called
“personality trend tracking” in which they read and record every single thing you
do, look at, or click on. Their computers figure out what you are most probably going to do next and put their media ahead of you, before you get there, to steer you into doing what they want. This controls your actions, steers your intentions and manipulates your information path forward.

They use the most microscopic moves and changes possible so you can’t notice. They may take days or months to lead you down the path of thinking that they want.

They use the data harvesting, privacy-rape, trending tracking technology to brain-wash you.

Brainwashing is the trick of getting someone to do something that they would not
otherwise do if they had a chance to think about it in unmanipulated circumstances.

If you are selectively shown certain images and stories about cats getting tortured with Pink Floyd Music, you will tend to become an anti-cat torture-with Pink-Floyd follower if you are tricked into thinking the whole City is rising up against sonic feline abuse.

It is being used to get you to buy certain music, certain groceries and to get
“persuadable voters” to buy into campaigns they might not otherwise support.

Just because you didn’t fill out a form doesn’t mean every web page, sentence,
image and click you engage in on a phone or computer isn’t being monitored and
harvested to reveal massive amounts of information about you.

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