Corrupt Senators Must Be Punished. You Can Use 100% Legal Tactics To Punish Them From Your Couch

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WW3!!!! Cyber War: GOP VS. DNC Techno-sociologists openly agree that the DNC won round one of "who controls our thoughts over the internet". The internet got Obama elected, shifted Congress and put billions of dollars in the DNC routing pool. This was due, in large part, to Google's pretext of being the "fair and open do-no-evil source of information", when, we now know, it was just a shill engine for DNC needs and spying for profit. But the GOP has gotten wise. The GOP has hired Spicer, and a huge team of geeks, and given them all of the Adelson/Koch/Dark Dollars it can get it's hands on (Far more than all of the Silicon Valley leftist VC's have), and copied up a Google clone, made up of nodes instead of one big company, that can melt pixels. The fun has only just begun. In the new battle, which will take place almost entirely in cyberspace, the appearance of information from the Google assets will be pounded by the massive tsunami of mind-numbing numbers of non-Google-controlled counter-point servers spread around the country and, now, possibly even the planet. GOP investors are buying up Tier 1 and main line internet transport companies to even the score, possibly even cutting Google out of the total-control business. All-GOP hacker conferences are being convened in Silicon Valley to draw the tech goblins away from DNC message-control efforts and into GOP efforts. From today forward, if you plan to read any news, you had better find yourself at least 5 different outlets to make sure you are getting the whole story and not the "holed" story. Huffington Post stock just tanked! The cost of trying to mix "Kim Rocks a Bikini" and Twerking reviews side by side with Palestinian war issues and Nigerian beheading stories penned by 20 year old's who steal stories off of Reddit, wasn't quite cutting it. There are many new news outlets. LOOK FOR THEM! Let's discuss... TD- DenPost  



Pityr. I am Pityr. I am a dog of Sochi. I wander. I search for food and safety. There are countless others of us here. We go where we can; seeking warmth and food. We are ignored until we are noticed. Then they kill us, or chase us, or throw rocks and bottles at us...because we dared to be noticed. I am Pityr. I am a dog of Sochi. My mane is thick, my muzzle has many scars, my left foot limps, my coat is brown and black. I have a broken canine from being kicked in the face. They do not care for us. They care for their buildings and their hammers and their flags. They make their buildings in great haste and then they build walls in front of their piles to hide the ugliness that one only has to peek behind the wall to see. Few will peek behind the walls. They don't want to know how slim the dream tower facades really are. Food. There are more scraps now than ever before. The workers leave many things on the ground that we can sometimes eat. They throw away enough food in a day to keep my pack alive for a week. The times would be good if not for the killers. Every night the killers come, out of sight of the others, with their poison meats and their sniper rifles. We know their smell. We know the taint of their deadly treats and we know the look of hate and killing lust in their eyes. They will take many of us tonite, but not the wise ones. We are a shame to the builders of the towers and the flyers of the flags. We cannot be controlled so we must be killed. We do not follow their plan so we must be killed. We roam free so we must be killed. We were all someones pet, once. Then the hope of even that comfort became too much and even the cost of our dog food was more than any family could bear. We were turned to the streets. We were created by Sochi and Russia and the world that now wants things more than it wants heartbeats. A child once loved me, before his parents were taken. There is no love left for us anymore. Tonite I may die, If I am not careful and aware and watchful. The ones who are dead were the ones who did not pay attention. They were the ones who ignored the signs. When you watch the pretty colors and the glistening celebration remember the dogs of Sochi. We hide in the shadows because we are not pretty and we are not tamed and we are not willing to do tricks for their games. Tonite I may die but today I will live and search and watch. I am Pityr. I am a dog of Sochi... Reporter- NBC. Writing live from The Sochi Olympics. BORDER2 It's the God Damn "OLYMPICS!" There has been a certain degree of blowback about journalists complaining about the various levels of hell found in Sochi. The message, from some, is that journalists and visitors should "stop complaining and not act so spoiled" because we are in some sort of third-world country and we should be "gracious guests". It's the GOD DAMN OLYMPICS, man! The Olympics are the world's assemblage of the finest that human-kind has to offer. The country that hosts the Olympics WINS the honor by promising, to the world, in writing that they will do the finest things possible. Billions, and billions of dollars have been "spent" by the Russians. They have had years to work on this. Billions of dollars in Russia goes a heck of a lot further than it does in Las Vegas or Paris. They had more than enough money. Where did it go? They had the money to do it more than right. They had enough time to do it more than right. They had more than enough people to do it more than right. So why is it so screwed up, so ugly, so haphazard?: Corruption! Very little of the billions spent actually went to do productive things. The money was NOT spent to help the people of the region, or the dogs, or the schools or the hospitals or actual things that can make a lasting difference. Much of that money went into oligarchs pockets. While I can acknowledge that one oligarch is helping to pay for a dog rescue kennel, I can also acknowledge that far more oligarchs are lounging around in penthouse suites with state funded hooker parties going on around the clock. Many journalists don't want to write about what is really going on because they don't want to have people show up in their hotel rooms in the middle of the night, or get hacked more than we already are or suffer any other punishments. It's the damn OLYMPICS! Hotels and walkways are not rocket-science to build. There were billions more dollars and years more time available to make everything perfect. Where did the money go? Every shop keeper and store owner that has been in Sochi for decades can tell you. No journalist is upset about the stray dogs. They are nice, shy and don't try to bite us. We are upset that Russia thought they should hunt them down and kill them all instead of spending a tiny bit of the money to rescue them. No journalist is upset about all the dust and toxic fumes and poison water, we are upset that they could not spent a tiny bit of the money to clean it up for us AND the people that live here. No journalist is upset that all of the signs use incorrect grammar for every language of every visitor, it is just shocking that they could not have found $5000.00 in the billions of dollars to have a regionalization service write anything in anybody's correct language. Yes people will ski fast down a mountain and some records will be broken, but how many of the reporters will cover the hearts of the people of Sochi that are broken. There appears to be little that will be left for the real people that live here, aside from a mess. Billions of dollars went into business mens pockets to buy the biggest sex-drenched escort parties in history but very little will ever find it's way to Mrs. X who runs a tiny store on the outskirts of the Olympic Center. You have all seen Diane Sawyer and Anderson Cooper and most journalists in the back 40 of some Afghan village or steamy jungle in the Amazon. You never heard a cry of despair from them, in those places, about no toilet paper and door knobs falling off in your hand and stray dogs. They didn't complain about any conditions because they were not being subjected to a moral dichotomy like the one in Sochi. In Sochi, we are seeing billions of dollars get sent but not spent. That is the issue. THIS IS THE OLYMPICS of MASSIVE CORRUPTION! For that, Russia certainly gets the gold medal! A-   NY Times BORDER2


ANTI-CORRUPTION GROUP AGAINST GREEN-WASHING BY CAR SCAM CORPORATION ASKS YOU TO PRINT AND PUT THESE FLIERS UNDER THE WINDSHIELD WIPER OF ANY TESLA'S YOU SEE: GLOBAL ANTI-CORRUPTION ADVOCACY GROUP SAYS: "Lithium ion batteries, when they burn, cause brain cancer, liver cancer and other, potentially lethal, toxic poisoning. Certain regulators are told to "ignore these issues" because certain lithium ion investors donated cash to certain campaigns. The chemicals for lithium ion batteries come from countries which needed to be invaded in order to monopolize the mining of those chemicals. Certain politicians are told to "ignore these issues" because certain lithium ion investors engaged in war profiteering in order to control those minerals. The FAA has issued numerous warnings and videos showing that lithium ion batteries do spontaneously self-ignite and crash airplanes. Numerous people have been killed in lithium ion plane crashes. Certain regulators are told to "ignore these issues" because certain lithium ion investors donated cash to certain campaigns. Flight MH370 was carrying tons of lithium ion batteries in it’s cargo hold. Lithium ion batteries have self-ignited and set numerous children and senior citizens on fire. They have set homes on fire. They have set offices on fire. They have set Apple Stores on fire. You constantly hear about passenger airlines being forced to land because passengers "smell smoke in the cabin". This is almost always a lithium ion battery going off in the cabin and exposing all of the passengers to it's carcinogenic ignition vapors. Silicon Valley investors took over the lithium ion battery market, along with Goldman Sachs (recently called before Congress for this very same “commodity manipulation”), because they knew they were getting large government hand-outs from the Department of Energy in exchange for campaign contributions. Lithium ion batteries lose their power and memory over a relatively short time. Lithium ion batteries blow up when they get wet or bumped. Fisker Motors went out of business when millions of dollars of Fisker cars, using lithium ion batteries, got wet and all blew up. Tesla battery packs have blown up, on multiple occasions, from simply hitting bumps in the road. Manufacturing these kinds of batteries is so toxic that even China, a country known for the most minimal regulations, has closed a huge number of battery factories because of the massive numbers of deaths they caused to workers and nearby residents. Journalists have published a glut of articles exposing cover-ups about the dangers and corruption involved with lithium ion batteries. The U.S. Government and numerous groups have filed charges against Panasonic, and similar battery companies for bribery, corruption, dumping, price fixing and other unethical tactics. Every key investor in lithium ion was also a campaign donor who also received huge federal cash from the Department of Energy in the same funding cycle in which they paid campaign contributions. By driving a Tesla, in addition to the common public perception that it is a "douche-bag car", there is something far worse about driving it. You are making a public statement to the world that you support organized crime by driving this car. Here is why: Investigators say that, political operatives David Plouffe, Rahm Emanual, Steven Rattner, Bill Daly, David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs arranged with Silicon Valley investors to take over the lithium battery industry in order to monopolize the trillions of dollars of lithium, and related mining deals, in Afghanistan. They say that they traded federal funding for campaign support assisted by Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein, who received numerous stock and cash kickbacks in the scheme. They say they used the money to fund political campaigns. They used the Silicon Valley investors internet companies, (mostly Google), to manipulate voter perceptions and web searches in favor of their agenda. The Silicon Valley investors received favorable federal laws, tax gifts, free federal loans, stock bumps and other perks. The Silicon Valley investors companies that used the Afghan minerals: Abound, Solyndra, Fisker, Ener1, Tesla, and many, many more, that received the Department of Energy kickback funds, managed by Steven Chu, have all either failed, been raided, been charged with fraud or otherwise turned out to be disasters because they were based on a financial fraud skimming scheme instead of a good business plan. All of these facts are known, in great detail, by many investigators. Nearly a million pages of evidence exist. A Special Prosecutor is required to perform proper prosecutions. No matter what political party you belong to: This is organized crime against the public and you are supporting it if you drive a Tesla. All of this information can now be validated, and confirmed, on any law enforcement or investigative news database."   BORDER2

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