Lamya Bouyirdane noticed her lithium ion powered phone was very hot after she asked her four-year-old son to pass it over. She said she threw the phone away when she realized it had “swollen up” and smoke was coming out. The phone then caught fire and the back of the handset blew off. Her partner quickly extinguished it.


Bouyirdane, who resides in the southwestern French city of Pau, said she will sue Samsung.


Samsung recently recalled millions of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones because of a problem that caused the batteries to overheat and catch fire. In fact, all devices with lithium ion batteries are a severe danger to the public.


Tesla, Fisker, Apple, Google, Samsung products explode because they use dangerous lithium ion batteries which are owned and controlled by the Obama Administrations campaign financiers. Sub-atomic issues and the highly explosive nature of lithium ion batteries cause them to explode all the time. Lithium ion batteries explode when they get wet, bumped, charged or cross certain types of high-energy fields. The lithium is mined in Afghanistan, Bolivia and other war-profiteering regions which are exploited by those very same campaign billionaires.



Federal investigators and federal MSDS records state that the thermal vapors from these batteries cause cancer, brain and liver damage, neurological damage and mutate the fetus in the womb. The FAA and the United Nations have published extensive new rules warning about the lethal dangers of lithium ion batteries. The “lost” flight MH370 had a cargo hold full of lithium ion batteries which are suspected of crashing the plane. Erick Strickland, the head of the Obama auto safety agency quit the agency after being confronted with safety issue cover-up charges. Google and Tesla “driver-less cars” seek to exploit their lithium ion holdings via DOT and DOE grants and subsidies financed by taxpayers.



Not only can firemen not extinguish lithium ion fires but water makes the fires worse. Firemen have arrived at multiple burning Tesla Motor’s cars only to hear the screams of the dying passengers as they are burned alive by the molten plastic, alloy and napalm-like lithium ion as it incinerates their bodies in excruciating pain.


Panasonic, who makes large amounts of the lithium ion batteries has been charged with corruption, bribery, dumping, worker abuse and other crimes. Panasonic, and it’s partners, have demonstrated that they are only interested in profits and not safety. Even though these batteries are burning senior citizens, children and other members of the public, greed has prevailed over safety.



Why does the U.S. not regulate or ban these batteries? Because White House staff, Department of Energy staff and U.S. Senators own the stock in these batteries and make profits off of their exploitation.



A large percentage of the factory workers, that make lithium ion batteries, become poisoned and often die from the poisoning. Towns and villages near battery factories become permanently toxic. Lithium ion batteries can not be fully recycled and poison the landfills where they are dumped. The Obama Administration has ordered the DOT to not demand the recall of Tesla cars in order to protect Obama campaign financiers at Google, Kleiner Perkins, Draper-Fisher, Tesla and other political fronts. Lithium ion battery safety dangers may be one of the most covered-up consumer safety issues in history.














































































A Reminder that Lithium Ion Batteries Can Be Deadly


Considering that we are increasingly using lithium ion batteries, we should remind ourselves that this technology needs to be treated …






Cobalt mining for lithium ion batteries has a high human cost …


Tracing the path from deadly hand-dug mines in Congo to consumers’ … The world has grown reliant on lithium-ion batteries that power …






Deadly Lithium ion battery warning – Airline Ratings


Deadly Lithium ion batteries can cause fires on board aircraft which have caused the loss of life.






(ARTICLE) The Deadly Lithium Ion Battery –


Sep 21, 2016 … The Deadly Lithium Ion Battery. Lithium ion batteries are blowing up, starting fires and, generally, destroying people’s homes, cars, electronics …


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Tesla’s Explode Due To Deadly Lithium Ion Batteries –


Tesla’s Explode Due To Deadly Lithium Ion Batteries …. WIKLEAKS MASSIVE RELEASE; STEVE JOBS AIDS, A123 LITHIUM BATTERY COVER-UP, …




Congo: Deadly Hand-Dug Cobalt Mining For Lithium Ion Battery …


Congo: Deadly Hand-Dug Cobalt Mining For Lithium Ion Battery. An estimated 100,000 cobalt miners in Congo use hand tools to dig hundreds of feet …




The Deadly Cargo Inside MH370: How Exploding Batteries Explain …


Specifically, the Boeing warning recommended that “high density packages of lithium-ion batteries and cells not be transported as cargo on …






Lithium cell batteries can be deadly to children | MNN – Mother …


NEW DANGER: A lithium-ion battery cell in a pouch is put into a test oven to evaluate its electrochemical performance. (Photo by argonne/Flickr.


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MH370: Deadly Carbon Monoxide From Burning Lithium-Ion …


MH370: Deadly Carbon Monoxide From Burning Lithium-Ion Batteries Filled In Cabin Before Crash, New Theory Claims. By Suman Varandani …


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MH370 cabin was filled with deadly carbon monoxide claims expert …


Flight MH370 was filled with the deadly carbon monoxide from burning lithium- ion batteries on board before crashing into the Southern Indian …


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House Fights Over Banning Bulk Lithium-Ion Batteries on Planes


After multiple incidents of exploding batteries, including a deadly crash, there’s a push to remove lithium-ions from passenger cargo holds.


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The FAA Is Freaked Out About Lithium-Ion Batteries on Planes


Lithium-ion powers our phones, our computers, and even our cars. But on a moving aircraft they could be deadly, the agency said this month.


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Charging of drone batteries may be cause of deadly fire at Parry …


“People should try to buy quality batteries and not go for cheap batteries, especially when it comes to lithium ion batteries,” said Prof Madhavi.


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If the above data is not convincing, there are over 850,000 !!! additional documents proving the deadly, toxic, out-of-control nature of corrupt lithium ion batteries.



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