Some of the big dating sites, that you thought you could trust, are actually run by data broker conglomerates that are more interested in your privacy information than in giving you a social life.

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Do not use any online dating site unless they publicly post their policy agreement to the following rules from the International Secure Dating Association:

We DO NOT sell your profile to outside marketing companies like the other sites do!

We DO NOT sell your pictures to photo comparison services like the other sites do. They try to find your Facebook, Linkedin and other outside privacy data so that they break your privacy shield. We ask you to only put pictures on our site, or any dating site, that you have never put anywhere else on the internet.

We DO NOT harvest your privacy data like the other sites do.

We DO NOT buy fake profiles like the other sites do.

We DO NOT allow spam or marketing scammers to create profiles like the other sites do.

We DO NOT push a political or social agenda like the other sites do.

We ARE NOT part of a big corporate conglomerate that only cares about people as “marketing data” like the other sites are.

We DO NOT use “shills”, or fake-people pretending to be hotties who can’t get dates, in order to suck you into a subscription like the other sites do.

We DO NOT exploit a mobile device App that watches everything you are doing on your mobile device and reports it back to a data broker, like those other sites do. A non-spy dating site site works dandy on Apple, Android and Microsoft mobile devices right from their URL.

“Our core value is your privacy and social ethics protection.” Try to get one of those big dating-factory sites to say that!”

All secure dating sites will post this statement.




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