Plaintiff has argued that United States Government officials operated an enterprise of corruption within the United States Government. Defendants argue that there is no corruption in the United States Government. In a report today entitled: “Most Americans Think Government Is Corrupt” by nationally published reporter Elizabeth Nolan Brown, it is revealed that the prestigous University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics examined the issue in a massive national study and found that almost every American agrees with Plaintiff.

At a high level: Trillions of dollars of stock trades and direct payola bribes were exchanged using the White House as a broker and government agencies as a stock market manipulation platform. Politicians turned the government into a cheap garage sale of cronyism! This kind of crime illicitly and illegally manipulates the power over who runs the United States Government and who profits from government decisions which are a matter of many trillions of dollars. The act and veracity of this crime enterprise will be proven to the Jury.

Based on that assertion it will then be proven that:

1.) Plaintiff exposed and reported the crime to proper authorities through proper channels.

2.) Some of those authorities used government resources to operate reprisal attacks against Plaintiff, using government resources to operate the attacks, as revenge for reporting the crimes.

3.) The state-sponsored attacks were supported by the political campaign financiers of the government authorities in order to protect their payola conduits and stock market manipulations.

4.) Over 40 harms, each to be detailed and examined in Court, were documented against Plaintiff by the actions of corrupt government authorities.

5.) In a vast number of previous lawsuits, including one won by Plaintiff and his peers, it was proven that government offices infected with corruption regularly attack and harm citizens in reprisal.

6.) The government, having been caught in these illicit actions, must now pay Plaintiff for his losses, damages, harms, back-pay fees and other compensation.

In Another sign of growing discontent in America? A new poll (SEE LINK) from the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics finds a majority of Americans think the government is corrupt and stacked against them.

To probably no one’s surprise, 73 percent of poll respondents who identify as “strong Republican” respondents agreed with the statement that the government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me.” But Republicans are far from alone in this sentiment. Fifty-one percent of “very liberal” voters agreed with the same statement.

Overall, 56 percent of survey respondents said that the government is corrupt. This included 66 percent of all Republican respondents, 63 percent of independents, and 46 percent of Democrats.

The survey of 1,000 registered voters found that a significant number of people expect that extreme measures may be necessary to protect against government overreach. 28 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.” Thirty-six percent of Republicans, 35 percent of independents, and 20 percent of Democrats agreed. While some have portrayed this as a sign of increasing polarization or extremism, I think it’s the kind of poll question that makes for dramatic results but doesn’t really tell us much. Agreeing that armed revolution “may” (or may not!) be necessary at some unspecified point in the future doesn’t mean you think it’s terribly likely to be necessary.

One interesting finding is that people across the board believed that their political opponents might agree with them if they were better informed. Asked about “people who you disagree with on political issues,” half said that “the root of the problem” is that these people “are misinformed because of where they get their information.” Fifty-one percent of Republicans, 52 percent of Democrats, and 37 percent of independents believed this.

And despite being a poll about political polarization, the survey actually found a number of areas of agreement.

Asked if “immigration is good for the country,” only 34 percent of Republicans agreed, while 57 percent of independents and 73 percent of Democrats did. But asked if “legal immigration is good for the country,” these numbers were boosted to 70 percent, 72 percent, and 82 percent, respectively.

Most respondents, regardless of political affiliation, were also in agreement that “it should be illegal for private companies such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Google and Facebook to collect information about people’s phone and internet usage.”

The poll was conducted at the end of May. You can find the full results (SEE THIS LINK:) here.

This means that if Plaintiff is dismissed, blockaded, or receives no further justice, then tens of millions of Americans will believe that their feelings about corruption in the United States Government are dramatically confirmed.

The Biden Crony Factory – Manufacturing Corruption

Hunter Biden’s Hookers, Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners (who are now enemies of America), Congressional insider trading, a failed technology, the LG Chemical scam – Round Two, payola between White House aides, Jennifer Granholm’s personal stock ownerships in a car company, plenty of poisoned workers, Chinese slave farms, child labor….and that is only the beginning.

A Congressional criminal referral and FBI, FTC, FINCEN and SEC criminal referrals have also been filed in this matter.

On July 26, 2022 the United States Department of Energy announced that another of many thousands of acts of Cronyism had again occurred. A cash hand-out, in which all of the reviewers were Biden friends, was announced. The money is for LG Chem which is using GM as a front in this case. Crooked members of Congress, The White House and the Biden family own the stock market upside in the deal. According to the South Korean media reports, LG Chem has invested billions million in its lithium-ion battery factories in Nanjing, China in partnership with China. So why do U.S. Taxpayers, in a recession, have to hand out cash to Chinese insiders that do business with Hunter Biden?

During a U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) made the case for her bill with Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.), the Bipartisan Ban on Congressional Stock Ownership Act (S. 3631), which would ban Members of Congress and their spouses from owning and trading individual stocks. The legislation is the only bipartisan proposal in the Senate to prevent members of Congress from owning or trading stock.
During the hearing, Senator Warren provided examples of how Members of Congress can engage in insider trading by using their special access to information on government and the private sector to gain a financial advantage by purchasing or trading stocks. Two top leading experts on insider trading, New York University School of Law Professor Robert J. Jackson Jr. and Columbia Law School Professor John C. Coffee, Jr., agreed with Senator Warren that this issue poses conflicts of interest and that there should be rules to ban Members of Congress from trading or owning individual stocks. 
Crooked Congress members, and their families, have already bought gobs of stock in this $2.5B deal.
The Department of Energy gave LG Chem money to build the same plant in Michigan. It was built with $151 million from the stimulus to make batteries for electric cars that people never bought.  So the plant went idle and workers were paid tax dollars to sit around and do nothing.  It was a scam and another load of taxpayer cash shoveled down the toilet. In this 2022 Recession, most taxpayers think that they should be receiving counter-recession cash directly and not Asian insiders.
These loans and grants are administered by the Energy Department. They wouldn’t give us an interview, but Steven Koonin was actually the head scientist for the department, approving many of the stimulus projects.  CBS News 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl: asked Steve Koonin: “The government spent about $150 billion into these innovations. Taxpayer dollars. Money well spent? “..He replied with some lame BS to avoid looking like a shill and then Lesley Stahl said: “Well, Solyndra went through over half a billion dollars before it failed. Then I’m gonna give you a list of other failures: Abound Energy, Beacon Power, Fisker, V.P.G., Range Fuels, Ener1, A123. ECOtality. I’m exhausted. …”
Basically, everything the Department of Energy seems to fund turns out to fail because it is always just a crony insider project for financiers of Obama and Biden
330! 330 Million people live in America. In every single one of the previously documented collusion and cronyism matters, the same 20 INSIDERS are involved! Isn’t it incredible that of all 330 million American’s, The White House can only ever find 20 of them to hand out money to. The same 20 who are friends with the White House!!!! Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners stand to make huge profits from this deal.
The Biden administration is loaning billions of dollars to
poor, broke, General Motors (A commercial business who should not need any cash from taxpayers) to contract LG CHEMICAL from Asia to make electric car batteries after months of lobbying from a top Biden adviser’s brother. This loan was in top competition to Plaintiff’s government loan and technology application. This loan has covert stock market ownership by White House staff, Department of Energy staff and Silicon Valley oligarchs.
The Department of Energy announced it will lend $2.5 billion to the auto giant to manufacture lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, part of President Biden’s goal to make the U.S. auto fleet 50 percent electric by the end of the decade. The loan is the latest Biden-era windfall for General Motors, which over the past year has paid Beltway lobbyist Jeff Ricchetti nearly $350,000 to lobby the government on federal subsidies for electric vehicles and charging stations. Ricchetti is the younger brother and former lobbying partner of White House adviser Steve Ricchetti. The longtime Biden aide, who lobbied for GM until 2008, has been directly involved in discussions with Congress about funding for electric vehicles and charging stations.
The Ricchetti relationship has long raised ethics concerns in Washington. White House ethics lawyers forced Steve Ricchetti to recuse himself from matters involving four of his brother’s clients, though not GM. The
Washington Post reported last year that Ricchetti’s work on issues related to GM undercut Biden’s pledge to “restore ethics in government.” The loan to GM is the first the Department of Energy has made since 2010 under its Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program. The controversial initiative has been marred by a series of ill-advised loans, including $530 million to Fisker Automotive, a now-defunct hybrid car maker, and $50 million to a van company linked to a prominent Obama donor.
GM has enjoyed extensive access to the Biden administration. Biden in November visited a GM plant and in January praised the company for announcing plans to build a $7 billion battery manufacturing plant, the same facility now slated to receive the Department of Energy loan. The head of GM’s public policy unit and its general counsel in March met at the White House with Steve Ricchetti. Jeff Ricchetti’s firm and the White House did not respond to requests for comment. The brothers have previously denied that they discuss matters involving Jeff’s lobbying clients
but simple logic would dictate that to be a lie. The technology being used for this $2.5B “Loan” was exposed by engineers as a failure.
As the world knows, Elon Musk dragged all of the biggest assholes from Silicon Valley, The DNC and Goldman Sachs into his Tech Cartel. Together they created a temporary monopoly in the electric car industry by exchanging stock market payola with Senators and White House staff who, in exchange, locked off the electric car and space industries just for Musk. But that scheme was not sustainable. It was amazingly crooked and lucrative but, it could not last. It was Big Tech’s Roman Empire and it was doomed to fail spectacularly.
Musk counted on Obama and Biden to stick with his original quid-pro-quo deal to trade government cash for election rigging via his boyfriends at Google and Facebook. Tesla was the money conduit for a bunch of political scammery. Biden and his cheerleader actress front girl: Jennifer Granholm, bounced into office with a Wizard of Oz promise to give everybody electric cars. They were so wrong about the pitfalls of their plan and they hired so many idiot sex freaks and unicorn fart unaware fools that their scheme blew up…instantly and literally. Elon Musk and the Senators he owns: Pelosi, Harris and Feinstein, will lie, until their dying day about these batteries that they all own stock in!
Lithium ion batteries: Cause wars, rape and genocide in the Congo, Afghanistan and Bolivia from the corrupt mining deals involved with mining lithium and cobalt; are insider trading-owned by ex-CIA boss Woolsey and DOE Boss Chu; excrete chemicals that mutate fetuses when they burn; destroy your brain, lungs and nervous system when they burn; kill the factory workers who make them; cause Panasonic to be one of the most corrupt companies in the world; poison the Earth when disposed of; can’t be extinguished by firemen; poison firemen when they burn; are based on criminally corrupt mining schemes like URANIUM ONE; Have over 61 toxic chemicals in them; come from an industry that spends billions on internet shills and trolls used to nay say all other forms of energy; are insider-trading owned by corrupt U.S. Senators who are running a SAFETY COVER-UP about their dangers.
Apple products with lithium ion batteries have been exploding and setting people on fire; over time the chemical dendrites inside each battery grow worse and increase the chances of explosion as they age.
LITHIUM ION BATTERIES BECOME MORE AND MORE LIKELY TO EXPLODE AS TIME GOES ON AND AS THEY AGE; “Bad Guys” have figured out how to make them explode remotely; have their dangers hidden by CNN and MSM because pretty much only the DNC people profit from them; are the heart of Elon Musk’s stock market sca
The Obama Administration promised Silicon Valley oligarchs the market monopoly on lithium ion batteries and the sabotage of fuel cells in exchange for campaign financing and search engine rigging; United States Senators that are supposed to protect us from these deadly products own the stock market assets of them so they protect them and stop the FDA, OSHA, DOT and NHTSA from outlawing them. WRITE YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE AND DEMAND THAT LITHIUM ION BATTERIES BE MADE ILLEGAL TO SELL! NiCAD and Hundreds of other battery chemistries DO NOT have all of these problems but Lithium Ion batteries get a monopoly because of politician insider trading ownerships.
A recent fire on U.S. Highway 101 near Mountain View, CA, burned the driver alive and killed him. In Florida two kids died in a Tesla, burned alive, screaming in agony. A man died in agony in a Tesla crash in Malibu that set Malibu Canyon on fire. A young woman, at the start of life, and her boyfriend were burned alive in their crashed Tesla.
There are many more deaths and crashes than you have heard about. The deaths and the cover-ups are endless. Senators Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and their associates own the stock in Tesla Motors and/or it’s suppliers and mining companies and they cover-up and halt investigations and laws designed to save the public. They, and their crony’s, spend over $1B a year to shill and troll hype about lithium ion batteries and cover-up the dangers. Lithium ion EVs are more prone to battery fires. Experts say that their lithium-ion batteries can fuel hotter fires that release toxic fumes and are
nearly impossible to put out.

Lithium ion fires keep reigniting which explains why it takes so long and requires copious amounts of water or foam (it is an electric fire, after all) to smother the flames. Tesla employee Bernard Tse and his team warned Elon Musk about these dangers in 2008 and they got fired and/or warned to “say nothing” by Musk. Three top Tesla engineers died in a plane crash next to Tesla offices in San Carlos after two of them agreed to become whistle-blowers.Elon Musk exists because he bribed DNC politicians and Senators Feinstein, Reid, Boxer, Harris, Clinton and Pelosi to give him free taxpayer cash and government resources from the Dept. of Energy and the Calif treasury. DOE has been covering-up organized crime activities at DOE in which DOE funds are being used as a slush-fund to pay off DNC campaign financiers and to pay for CIA/GPS Fusion-Class attacks on Silicon Valley business competitors of those DNC campaign financiers who DOE staff share stock market holdings with. Elon Musk is a criminal, a mobster, an asshole, a bald fake-hair wearing, plastic surgery-addicted, douchebag, woman-abusing, sex addicted, tax evader.
Musk exploits poor people and child slaves in the Congo and Afghanistan to mine his lithium and Cobalt. Musk spends billions per year to hire Russian trolls, fake blogger fan-boys and buy fake news self-aggrandizement articles about himself. Musk thinks he is the ‘Jesus’ of Silicon Valley. Fake News manipulator Google is run by Larry Page and Larry is Musk’s investor and bromance butt buddy.
Musk uses massive numbers of shell companies and trust funds to self-deal, evade the law and hide his bribes and stock market insider trading. A huge number of Tesla drivers have been killed; pedestrians and oncoming drivers have also been killed, and Musk covers it up.
Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, BMW and all non-American car companies rely on fuel cells in their cars to avoid the dangers of lithium ion batteries. Fuel cells have none of the problems of lithium ion batteries but Detroit hates fuel cells because Detroit does not know how to build them and fuel cells do not need any oil from the Middle East.
The DNC and the MSM refuse to allow any articles about Musk’s crimes to be printed because they benefit from Musk’s crimes. Musk has been professionally diagnosed as a ‘psychotic narcissist.’A ‘Silicon Valley Mafia; cartel of frat boy sociopath venture capitalists like Steve Jurvetson, Tim Draper, Eric Schmidt, et al; threaten those who do not support the cult of Tesla or their political candidates.
In EVERY blog that you read that mentions ‘Musk’, at least 1/3 of the comments have been placed their by Musk’s paid shills. Musk holds the record for getting sued for fraud by his investors, wives, former partners, employees, suppliers and co-founders.

Elon Musk has gone out of his way to hire hundreds of ex-CIA staff and assign them to “dirty tricks teams” to attack his competitors and elected officials who Musk hates. Musk never founded his companies. Musk’s “Starlink” satellites are domestic spy and political manipulation tools – never get your internet from one. Musk stole Tesla in a hostile ownership take-over from Marty the true inventor of the Tesla.
The same kind of EMF radiation proven to cause cancer from cell phones exists in massive amounts in a Tesla. Musk can’t fix a car or build a rocket and has almost no mechanical skills. If you pull a report of every VIN# of every Tesla ever built and cross reference that with insurance, repair and lawsuit records you will find that the “per volume” fire, crash, death and defect rate is THE WORST of any car maker in history!
Musk is a lying con artist and partners with Goldman Sachs to rig the stock market. Sachs has a dedicated team of 18 men who rig stocks and valuation bumps for Musk. Over 1000 witnesses can prove every one of those claims in any live televised Congressional hearing! Senators Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and their associates own the stock in Tesla Motors and/or it’s suppliers and mining companies.
That is why they criminally help cover-up investigations of Tesla! All of this was reported, in writing, to James Comey, Patricia Rich and David Johnson at the FBI. The DNC bosses own the stock in lithium, Solar and EV markets and use kickbacks from those markets (Especially via convoluted campaign finance laundering via Elon Musk) to finance the DNC. The DNC bosses use character assassination as their main political tool against any member of the public who speaks out against their felony stock market scams and PizzaGate-like scandals.
The Harvey Weinstein reports by Ronan Farrow show that they have teams of hired goons that they pay to destroy people’s lives. They use Black Cube, Mossad, In-Q-Tel, Stratfor, Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, Media Matters, David Brock, Sid Blumenthal, NY Times, Google servers, Facebook servers, Podesta Group, Perkins Coie, Covington and Burling and a host of “assassins”.
They have hired media trolls to try to cover up this news story. It should be a felony to hire character assassins in the USA. DEMAND A LAW and DEMAND the termination of these attack services. IE: Gawker and Gizmodo Media sets-up the attack stories and, in paid partnership with Google, Google kicks their attack links around the globe, in front of 8 Billion people, forever. Google locks the attack articles of its enemies on the front top search results of Google search results forever, on purpose! That is why Google is being terminated in the largest, most well resourced anti-corruption public service take-down in history! Tesla and Musk are protected by shareholders Harris, Pelosi, Feinstein, Brown and Newsom. Panasonic (indicted for bribery and Musk’s partner) spends billions of dollars annually cover-up lithium battery fires and battery defects.
There are hundreds of millions of people in America. The same 120 of them are all involved in operating the same crimes and corruption including: the Sony Pictures corruption; the Afghanistan rare earth mine scandals operated through The Energy Department political slush fund that involves the lithium battery cover-ups (headed by Elon Musk); the Big Tech Brotopia rape, sex trafficking, bribery, exclusionism, racism and misogyny issues they were taught at Stanford University; The Facebook – Meta – Google – Alphabet – Netflix, et al, coordinated news manipulation and domestic spying that they engage in; the hiring of Fusion GPS – Black Cube – Gizmodo/Gawker assassins; the destruction of the housing market by their mass real estate manipulations; patent theft and industrial espionage; and the bribery of almost every politician all the way up to the Oval Office. So, while the categories covered in this investigation may seem diverse. They are connected through an enterprise of criminality and illicit, coordinated operations. We list, by name, the 120 most complicit individuals organizing these crimes, in the evidence documents already submitted to the FBI, FINCEN, DOJ, FTC, SEC, FEC, Congress, InterPol and other authorities. Digital financial tracking of those persons and all of their family members should be assumed to have been under way for some time. Wire-taps and device taps of those persons and all of their family members should be assumed to have been under way for some time.

In Reality, All Electric Car Batteries Are Made By Forced Labor Overseas And ‘Assembled’ In The USA.

The lethal dirty work is done overseas. No lithium battery manufacturing could actually get past OSHA laws in the USA. Musk, Panasonic, LG and Mitsu are simply hiding the dirty labor part of the battery making process.

Increasing ties have been found between the origin of the batteries needed to power the technology and forced labor in Chinese work camps.

As many environmentalists push for a quick transition to electric vehicles and clean energy, increasing ties have been found between the origin of the batteries needed to power the technology and forced labor in Chinese work camps.

One province in particular, Xinjiang, is facing mounting criticism as more details emerge surrounding working conditions for members of the Uyghur Muslim minority.According to the New York Times, while China produces 75 percent of the world’s lithium ion batteries, much of the raw material is mined elsewhere. In recent years, however, the Chinese government has set their sights on controlling all aspects of the supply chain.

In order to compete with other countries, China has ramped up production in the western province of Xinjiang, home to the nation’s Uyghur Muslim minority.

As the Times reports, companies such as Xinjiang Nonferrous Metal Industry Group have partnered with the Chinese government to move hundreds of Uyghurs from the south to the industrialized north where they are put to work in mines, smelters, and factories producing lithium, nickel, manganese, beryllium, copper and gold.

While such companies deny that their workers are mistreated, reports show that Uyghurs are subject to what could easily be deemed to be forced labor.

Uyghurs who refuse to work in accordance with Chinese government policies are often sent to internment camps, and in May it was revealed that many of those camps have a “shoot-to-kill” policy for those who attempt to escape.

Thus, the official claim that “all employment is voluntary” is not supported.

In addition to forced labor, Uyghurs are also subjected to re-education, wherein government-appointed “teachers” attempt to create loyal subjects to the nation and communist regime.

On June 21, a new law will go into effect in the United States called the “Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.” As NPR reports, it gives the US authority to seize goods produced in Xinjiang unless companies can prove they did not engage in forced labor practices.

It’s true that doing so will be resisted by Democrats who don’t want to slow the deployment of solar panels and electric cars in the US, and be resisted by free market Republicans, but the evidence is clear and this is becoming a moral and national security imperative.

Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) June 20, 2022

Environmental realist, author, and California gubernatorial candidate Michael Shellenberger is one of many calling on the Biden administration to go one step further and ban the importation of all goods from Xinjiang. He says the US should instead focus on manufacturing green technology at home.

As he points out, however, the decision would face pushback from both Democrats “who don’t want to slow the deployment of solar panels and electric cars in the US,” and “free market Republicans.”

The world has shone a spotlight on the Chinese government’s treatment of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, but it remains to be seen whether the Communist Party and the companies to which it is so closely tied will change their practices.

It seems while handing cash under the table to members of Congress is graft, offering pre-IPO stock, guaranteed to make a profit for an elected representative…isn’t. In Congress: Trading stock on inside information, we have yet another blow by blow playbook on how to use your elected public office to get rich quick.

Where have we heard about pre-IPO stock options being doled out as graft before? Something about Citigroup, Goldman Sachs handing out pre-IPO stock options as kickback, favorable pricing and hyping the hell out of worthless startups? That’s right, during the 2000 Internet bubble, known as the dot con era, pre-IPO stock was handed out like candy to a select few. Seems this type of corruption didn’t go away with, instead it’ has made it’s way to Congress.  

Here is the CBS transcript for the above report.

Pre-IPO stock is something the little guy cannot even get access to. It’s rigged by the SEC. The CBS report comes on the heels of Roll Call’s damning two year study on Congressional wealth. Roll Call proves Congressional members most often enter office middle class and walk out multimillionaires.

Members of Congress had a collective net worth of more than $2 billion in 2010, a nearly 25 percent increase over the 2008 total, according to a Roll Call analysis of Members’ financial disclosure forms.

Nearly 90 percent of that increase is concentrated in the 50 richest Members of Congress.

That’s right Congressional members got rich while we lost our jobs in mass. Green is also neither red or blue, as we’ve discovered no matter which party or Presidential candidate is elected.

While wealth overall is scattered fairly evenly between the two parties, there is an interesting divide in the two chambers. Democrats hold about 80 percent of the wealth in the Senate; Republicans control about 78 percent of the wealth in the House.

The researcher who exposed much of individual stock trades is die hard conservative radical Peter Schweizer. This guy is one whacked dude on economics, as in Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin level of whacked. That said, a stock trade and timing is a stock trade and timing and this time, it looks like he did his homework. Schweizer spent years pouring over Congress member’s financial statements, tracing out stock transactions from tax returns and other public records. His book title on his finds, Throw Them All Out, captures America’s sentiment towards representatives these days.

It was in his Tallahassee office that Schweizer began what he thought was a promising research project: combing through congressional financial-disclosure records dating back to 2000 to see what kinds of investments legislators were making. He quickly learned that Capitol Hill has quite a few market players. He narrowed his search to a dozen or so members—the leaders of both houses, as well as members of key committees—and focused on trades that coincided with big policy initiatives of the sort that could move markets.

Of course Congress made trading stocks with insider knowledge, or more importantly, the ability to pass or bury a law, perfectly legal.

Once again, the foxes are in the hen house.

Bachus was known in the House as a guy who liked to play the market, and in fact he was pretty good at it; one year, he reported a capital gain in excess of $150,000 from his trading activities. More striking is that Bachus boldly carried forth his trading in the teeth of the impending financial collapse, the nightmarish dimensions of which he had learned about first-hand in confidential briefings from Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Fed chairman Ben Bernanke. On Sept. 19, 2008, after attending two such briefings, Bachus bought options in an index fund (ProShares UltraShort QQQ) that effectively amounted to a bet that the market would fall. That is indeed what happened, and, on Sept. 23, Bachus sold his “short” options, purchased for $7,846, for more than $13,000—nearly doubling his investment in four days.

Around the time Congress and the Bush administration worked out a TARP bailout, Bachus made another options buy and again nearly doubled his money. The House turned down the TARP proposal, and Bachus’s own Financial Services Committee remained clued in to revisions of what became the final TARP package. In the earlier closed-door briefings, Bernanke had warned the congressional members that a “meltdown in the global financial system” was imminent and that it would spill over into the broader economy if something wasn’t done. With TARP completed, Bachus seemed confident in its effect, now buying options that effectively bet that the market would rise—to mixed results.

Remember when financial reform was reduced to lobbyist loophole swiss cheese? The above might have something to do with it. Even when the entire globe is in meltdown, we could not get regulation on derivatives.

It’s possible some elected officials could see the writing on the wall with markets. Case in point, we bought Proshares ultra short financials early 2008, but decided to buy it based on a host of financial facts that were publicly available. On the other hand, we sold the minute TARP popped up, knowing Congress would bail out the Banksters. It’s no grand secret everyone Congress is owned, lock, stock and barrel by lobbyists and corporations. Corporations getting whatever bill and favor they want through Congress is so guaranteed, yes, you can bet your retirement account on it.

Thus the $2.5B Deal announced today is based on lies and corruption; safety, environmental and human rights issues are covered up and the cronyism of The White House is furthered to incredible depths. This kind of raw criminality is so overt, so over-the-top and so collusion-based that the average citizen can only wonder what happened to our Country?