Newly discovered documents show Tesla failed all reviews and was only funded because White House staff ordered DOE to fund in order to compensate Tesla investors for campaign contributions.

New discovered documents show that, at the time Tesla applied for DOE funds, it failed its technical, financial, asset, collateral, and merit reviews but was pushed ahead of others because of orders from on high.

Tesla’s original application documents, emails and reviewer discussions along with emails from Wells Fargo, Deloitte, Secretary Chu, Steve Rattner, Rahm Emanual and Tesla investors have now been sourced and they reveal that Tesla exists today because of criminal actions in the past.

Freedom of Information Act releases from associates agencies and investigators show that Tesla broke federal laws for SEC disclosure, lobbying, SFLL filings, insider trading and a variety of other actions. Prosecution and investigation of these acts has been ordered to be delayed by those who will be embarrassed by the revelations.

Anybody with unlimited “protection” and hundreds of millions of free tax payer dollars and stock market rigging can start and run a company to make cars. Tesla is no success, Tesla is a scam.

Tesla has also been shown, via forensic audit, to have cooked its financial statements in order to make it look better than it is actually doing in finance marketing to seek to sell stock.

more to come…

D.t., A. M. F. T. – Washington Post & New York Times Stringers