Quentin Tarantino, Sean Parker, Hulk Hogan, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and an unlikely Army join forces to put Nick Denton and Gawker on “Death-Watch” for “NAZI tactics”!

Sean Parker, the Napster co-founder and former president of Facebook, is the latest tech mogul to identify the creeping fascist menace. In an email to the New York Post earlier this week, the billionaire called Gawker Media founder Nick Denton “Joseph Goebbels’ annoying little shitzu (sic)” and called writers for the Gawker-owned tech blog Valleywag “Goebbels’ fleet of diminutive attack dogs.”

When someone acts as a false front for attacks-for-profit you call them a hit squad, An assassination team or Gawker Media.

Acting as a front for the DNC press office and targeting administration enemies is a job with a short waiting list. Attacking people because you can is the bastion of the sick mind.

Sandy Montenegro had her life devastated by Gawker Media for no reason. They called her a Silicon Valley gold-digger in a horrific article. Alas, she now has billions of dollars to fight back with.

Aulistar Mark, Andrew Hudson and Hanchen Lu worked for Gawker and found it to be “a palace of lies” and have now sued Gawker.

Those character assassinated by Gawker on orders from on high include: Sean Parker, Hulk Hogan, John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Sandy Montenegro, Quentin Tarantino, Joe Francis, John Travolta, Eric Dane, The Palin Family, Fred Durst, Dr. Phil McGraw, Hannah Cornett, Sean Salisbury, Michael Arrington and a few hundred other, well-funded, Gawker haters…

The “Army of Truth”, organized by ex-Gawker employees is said to target Gawker advertisers, Denton’s tax avoidance, fake profile, and the name-by-name exposure of who orders the hits. If any of the names are political, NSA recordings may be able to be used in the litigation’s and investigations. They are contacting each and every advertiser on each GAWKER-owned site in addition to filing lawsuits, expose’ articles and tracking Nick Denton’s money off-shore. If it can be proved that certain political figures paid certain Gawker writers to “kill off” certain political enemies, then it could be prison-time for Denton. The Rebekah Brooks case (A buddy of Nick’s) shows that phone recordings of crimes NEVER go away and some in the “Army of Truth” Gawker payback team claim to have such recordings.

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Sean Parker Calls Nick Denton “A Pumpkin-Head Goebbels Character” in Gawker Comments Section


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