(REPAIRING SILICON VALLEY) How You Can Take Over The Entire Global Internet

How You Can Take Over The Entire Global Internet

1.) First you get rid of all the newspapers from the old generation. You make them go bankrupt and make it too hard for them to get distributed:


2.) Then you buy up all of the servers and make sure only your buddies can control them:


3.) Then you start a monopoly control organization called The National Venture Capital Association that makes certain that only your friends get financing. If you compete with their insiders or have a product that could put their favorite friends out of business, they will BLACK-LIST you. Even though that is a violation of RICO and anti-trust laws, the NVCA won’t really care because they control the funds for who gets to be President of the United States:




Who Will Be the Green VC Giant?

4.) Then you sign a contract with every major law firm so that they are legally ‘conflicted out’ from ever getting hired to come after you for forming a Cartel:


5.) Then you buy The White House and you assign David Plouffe, Jared Cohen, Yasmin Green and other spy-executives to go between your Big Tech companies and Jigsaw, Palantir, CIA, IN-Q-TEL and other political manipulation spy-ops:


6.) Now that you and 7 guys control 90% of the media on Earth, you just censor, shadow-ban, delete and hide anything that exposes your scheme:

How censorship in Silicon Valley is killing free speech


That’s all you need to do. Easy Peasey! You and your sex-trafficking, money-laundering, tax evading, pervert, Senator bribing buddies can do it all day long!