San Francisco Bay Area High Tech Implodes Into Smoking Ruin As Silicon Valley’s Smoke And Mirrors Exposed

San Francisco’s largest employer: Salesforce, lists nearly half of office space in its second downtown San Francisco tower for lease as Salesforce dies. Netflix and Tesla layoff like gangbusters. Almost all of SF Twitter staff have posted resumes looking for other jobs. Using Facebook and Google is a true sign of ‘being an idiot‘ and advertisers are leaving them like a torrent. SF Tonal has a tsunami of lay-offs. ‘Influencers‘ committing suicide in ever increasing numbers as they see that tech is all lies. Bay area tech companies are going out of business in a flash of despair.

Bay area realtors see sudden departure of $100K over-asking offers evaporate.

Bay Area high tech buyers are rushing to Texas and Nevada as they see their big tech dreams turn into crapola.

Bay Area housing market switches from sellers market to buyers market almost over night.

Recession, Theranos and VC BS blows away Silicon Valley’s cloud of scams and puffery!


Critical Venture Capital Alert: Web-Based Services Blow-BackNew metrics indicate that web-based service investments should be eliminated from your portfolios as fast as possible.

Law enforcement, regulatory, the media and, most of all: The public; have reached a critical awareness nexus that has passed the point-of-obsfucation (P-Factor)

Of the 8 billion people now living on Earth, over 4.5 billion of those persons are now aware of the following:

– Every online service has been hacked repeatedly.

– Every government server has been hacked repeatedly.

– There is no known technology that can stop the hacking.

– Hardware level back-doors in every network device cannot be closed.

– Coordinated ‘social justice’ groups and RNC insiders have massive ‘kill teams’ underway to take down and force government lawsuits against Silicon Valley companies who show bias.

– Entry level hackers now have the same tools that the FBI, CIA, NSA, FSB and China have.

– Netflix, Google, Facebook,, Ok Cupid, Twitter, Instagram and all of the major web brands are known to put users privacy, medical data, banking data, political data and all other data at SEVERE RISK and they are unable to prevent incursions.

– Various existing lawsuits and federal cases are going to dissolve the entire Section 230 shield within 8 months.

– Hundreds of law-firms are offering consumers open participation in class action lawsuits against your portfolio companies.

– Netflix, Google, Facebook,, Ok Cupid, Twitter, Instagram and most all web company IT staff have admitted they are too large to fight any of the privacy, security and rights issues any longer.

– All of the non-industry-controlled media have turned against Silicon Valley.

– So called “AI” has failed on every front and never gets anything right when trying to use machine black and white logic to predict human fuzzy logic actions. The CIA calls “AI” “the biggest scam Silicon Valley has ever pitched!”

– Advertising sponsors have figured out that most eye-ball counts are lies.

– The Netflix deal with Microsoft to have users pay for streaming with ads has met with the most extreme derision ever seen in blogs, ie: “Netflix wants to charge us money to watch their abortion ads, BLM promos and cut-off-your-dick trans hype!!!??”

– Silicon Valley web companies are now some of the most hated brands on Earth!

– Over a thousand start-ups have offered services to “fix web security” and every one of them has been circumvented by hackers.

– In a CLEARVIEW AI analysis of the “Team” pages photos of staff at Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz and other firms, the software designated all faces therein, and individually, as “Yuppie Extremist Typicality”. This means that these, and other VC firms have hired fraternity boys and sorority girls who only have fixed tunnel-vision echo-chambering, and, as such, do not see, represent or view the public market with any clear perception. Even though these companies have sought to sprinkle female and brown faces into their photos, all of the faces have the same facial symmetry elite eugenics type of bone structures. This has led to the pushing of products and markets which only 1% of the population even wants.

Web based services are more than dead! Get out now!

Please forward this to your peers…”

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