Silicon Valley Guys Can Get The KGB To Ship Them Hot Russian Super Models To Have Tons Of Sex With

Silicon Valley Guys Can Get The KGB To Ship Them Hot Russian Super Models To Have Tons Of Sex With

Hey Guys! If you have a high tech start-up and you make a website that talks about technical stuff, the Russian spy masters will pay to have a Russian super model shipped over from Ukraine or Estonia. These gals will screw your brains out because they are trained: Red Sparrows

All you do is post that you are looking for a ‘love partner’ on any of the Russian ‘dating sites’ and use the phrase “I am a tech CEO”. You just have to make up some fake technology and tell the flat-abs, perfect ass, baby-smooth skin hottie about it in bed after the sex.

Just make some shit up that sounds technically juicy but never give out the ‘final secret’ about how it works. The hottie’s Visa will soon expire and she will have to go home soon and they will send another one as long as you never give up the “final secret’ of your fake technology.

Google executives get Russian’ Sphookers’ flown in every week. Google guys actually DO tell real secrets to them but you can just make shit up.

Julia K. is a hottie from Talinn, Estonia. She told one guy she used to be ‘Putin’s Girlfriend’. She comes to the USA often on ‘Special Trips’. She showed up for one Bay Area executive pregnant. Took an abortion pill upon arrival and got the guy to pay all of her hospital bills for the medically induced miscarriage (American hospitals, she says, are much nicer than Russian ones). Another one, in Sausalito, California, stabbed her American guy in the chest when he refused to buy her shoes. He is dead. Vast numbers of these ‘Sphookers’ have orders to get pregnant off of their date and then blackmail them for information.

It is a real smokeshow-and-mirrors ploy. In another, of thousands of such cases, we can see how this works:

A “too hot” girlfriend of a Russian spy helped wary Ukrainian volunteers sniff out a Moscow intelligence scheme, according to a journalist.

The incongruous couple raised red flags, according to journalist Christo Grozev, a Bulgarian journalist with investigative outlet Bellingcat.

“It took me about five minutes to discover that the pilot’s ‘lover’ (waaay too hot for him, FSB) was an FSB asset,” Grozev wrote on Twitter, using the acronym for Russia’s Federal Security Service.

“The Ukrainians figured that out too,” he added.

Grozev said he’d been following a team of Ukrainian “maverick ex-operatives” running an unofficial operation trying to get Russian pilots to defect.

Some pilots apparently responded, sending the Ukrainians videos of their cockpits to prove their veracity.

But after some back-and-forth, Grozev said, the pilots’ “tone changed quickly, suggesting the pilots were no longer talking on their own behalf but were ‘coached’ – likely by FSB military counter-intelligence officers.”

The sudden appearance of “Maria,” a gorgeous brunette with suspected ties to Russian intelligence, further raised suspicions, he added.

If accurate, it would not be the first time Russian intelligence gave the game away through questionable tradecraft: In April, an FSB lackey apparently confused “SIM cards” with the video game “the SIMS” when purportedly planting evidence at a staged raid.

Grozev, who is making a documentary film about the operation, said the discovery kicked off a cat-and-mouse game, with the Ukrainian team luring the wife of a Russian pilot to Minsk in neighboring Belarus in order to identify Russian FSB agents — who in turn were trying to identify Ukrainian operatives.

The sudden appearance of “Maria,” a glamorous woman with suspected ties to Russian intelligence, raised Ukrainian suspicions.
Social media/east2west news
A purported Russian pilot and target of a Ukrainian recruiting operation.
A purported Russian pilot and target of a Ukrainian recruiting operation.
Christo Grozev

The FSB waited for four days before realizing they’d been set up, Grozev said.

“Both sides were trying to extract maximum information from the other, while feeding them maximum disinfo,” the journalist said.

The Russians have some of these women get their lower two ribs surgically removed so that they have perfect figures.

Ultimately, he said, the FSB realized they hadn’t fooled the Ukrainians, and the Ukrainians realized they weren’t going to lure a pilot into defecting, and the operation ended.

“Maria” was determined to be a suspected FSB "girlfriend for hire."
“Maria” was determined to be a suspected FSB “girlfriend for hire.”
Social media/east2west news

Grozev said the Ukrainian operation wasn’t official, but run by “volunteers” who were known to Bellingcat through its reporting on a similar sting effort against Russian Wagner Group mercenaries last year.

The FSB — Russia’s primary counterintelligence agency — said in a statement Monday that it had foiled a Ukrainian attempt to recruit Russian pilots.

The FSB said the ploy was an official Ukrainian intelligence operation that “tried to recruit Russian military pilots for a monetary reward and guarantees of obtaining citizenship of one of the EU countries,” in an effort to persuade them “to fly and land aircraft on airfields controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In the course of the operational game, Russian counterintelligence officers obtained information that helped our Armed Forces inflict fire damage on a number of Ukrainian military facilities,” the FSB claimed, according to a report by Russia’s Interfax news agency.

Silicon Valley’s tech community has these girls get picked up daily, at the SFO airport. It costs the KGB about $25,000.oo US, in expenses, for each girl. So, Guys, you can get the Russian spies to pay to fly a super model, with perfect abs, to Silicon Valley, to screw you! Just only tell the spy girls made up shit about politicians and high tech stuff.

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