Tesla and Fisker use Vaginal Orifice to trick abusive rich guys into buying cars!

Tesla and Fisker use Vaginal Orifice to trick rich douche bag frat boy guys into buying cars!

MAN_LOVES_TESLANOSE(PHOTO: No volume production cars had open mouth tapered front ports until Tesla and Fisker)

As one post quotes:

“Ordinization: Manufactured Addiction For Profit. This is the process of using ingested substances to trick the brain in order to create addictive profit opportunity.

Fats, salts, sugars, breads, alcohol, tobacco and drugs use ordinization to addict consumers to buy them. Most of the makers of these products receive subsidies from your tax dollars. In other words, you are paying them to addict you and your family.

The key to ordinization is that you don’t want to believe it is happening to you because the addiction creates a synthetic bliss which your psychology causes you to defend. You get mad if someone implies they want to take away your cigarettes, alcohol, dessert, etc.

Government support of these products creates a nation of addicts, drunks, obese people, personality disorders, problem children and a very unhealthy society.

(For more on this see: “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us”, By Michael Moss (Author) Available on Amazon and as seen on the Dr. Oz show)

Billions of dollars are spent each year to refine and increase the addictive qualities of these products. “Product science” consultants have vast laboratories where they research food, beverage, fragrance, texture, taste and all human stimulants right down to each neuron in the brain. They want to see how they can control an entire generation of consumers to be unable to resist buying their product.

Elite politician’s operatives spray certain fragrances at rallies and then try to spray the same scent near polling places so you recall the candidate with a “home cooked meal” smell and want to vote for them without realizing why. Vegas hotels and big Malls use psychological sense vapors to control consumers. 60 Minutes recently had a segment on a company, Givaudan, that other companies, like McDonalds and Pepsi, hire to create addictive flavors. This is all out in the marketplace.

If you don’t want to be a product zombie, demand that Congress outlaw Ordinization.”

In the link:


We see that the tapered nose, open-vagina front of the car is a first-time-ever design phenom. The other car companies (See the new Ford Fusion, Kia, etc.) copied the tapered nose, open-vagina front of the car and released the same design nose structure at the same time in order to make the Tesla and Fisker less valuable in the market. There has never, in auto history, been a concurrent release of tapered nose, open-vagina car front designs until Tesla’s and Fisker’s competitors decided to devalue Tesla’s and Fisker’s cars. The concept of the look, though, comes from the female vaginal orifice psychological mnemonic trigger effect that appeals to rich yuppie males. This effect was designed by Madison Avenue branding companies.

As shown in the design studies, the design of the Tesla and Fisker uses curves that duplicate the same curves a man sees when he is crouched over the body of a nude woman. You can find numerous studies that show the overlay of a woman’s nude body on the exterior body panels of the car to show how, and why, they formed the car that way.

tesla-info-graphic_2400w MUSHROOMl_ images TESLA_SEX TESDOUCHE

As we see in the horrific, and telling, Millionaire Saatchi throat grab attack by Nigela Lawson’s rich egotistical husband on her, caught on-camera, in the news (Google it or go to TMZ): rich men see women as objects to dominant and manipulate. Tesla and Fisker designed their cars to remind rich males of nude women so that they would psychologically feel like they were dominating a nude woman when they approached the front of the car, or viewed the car from ¾ views or drove it. This use of addictive imagery appeals to the type of males that built the Tesla and Fisker car companies (100% male dominated) and that the cars sell to (98% rich white males) who want to tell the world that they are “the boss of all things”, especially women. Silicon Valley men are involved in more abuse charges in divorce proceedings and hire more prostitutes than in any other city. Silicon Valley men buy more Tesla’s than in any other city. This is visual product Ordinization. This is also another addictive commercialization effort funded by your tax dollars.

Alison Keever
Los Angles


Albert C, Palo Alto, California

Everybody has noticed that if a person is driving a Tesla, they almost always turn out to be a swinging dick, arrogant, slicked back hair, Aryan Stanford clone. They are, generally, rude abrasive people. It really says a lot about the person if they drive one, but mostly it just reinforces that, that person is a weasel.


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