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 INV441 INV440 INV439-4 INV439-3 INV439-2 INV439-1 INV438-2 INV438-1 INV437 INV436 INV435 INV434-2 INV434-1 INV433-2 INV433-1 INV432 INV431 INV430-3 INV430-2 INV430-1 INV429-13 INV429-12 INV429-11 INV429-4 INV429-3 INV429-2 INV429-1 INV428-9 INV428-8 INV428-7 INV428-6 INV428-5 INV428-4 INV428-3 INV428-2 INV428-1 INV427-4 INV427-3 INV427-1 INV426-4 INV426-3 INV426-2 INV426-1 INV425 INV424 INV423 INV422 INV421 INV420 INV419 INV418 INV417 INV416 INV415 INV414 INV413 INV412 INV411-2 INV411-1 INV410 INV409 INV408-4 INV408-3 INV408-2 INV408-1 INV407-3 INV407-2 INV407-1 INV406 INV405 INV403 INV402-5 INV402-4 INV402-3 INV402-2 INV402-1 INV401-2 INV401-1 INV400 INV399 INV398 INV397 INV396 INV395-2 INV395-1 INV394-3 INV394-2 INV394-1 INV393 INV392 INV391 INV390-5 INV390-4 INV390-3 INV390-2 INV390-1 INV389-2 INV389-1 INV388-22 INV388-21 INV388-20 INV388-19 INV388-18 INV388-17 INV388-16 INV388-15 INV388-14 INV388-13 INV388-12 INV388-11 INV388-10 INV388-9 INV388-8 INV388-7 INV388-6 INV388-5 INV388-4 INV388-3 INV388-2 INV388-1 INV387-2 INV387-1 INV386 INV385 INV384-2 INV384-1 INV383 INV382 INV381-2 INV381-1 INV380 INV379 INV378 INV377 INV376 INV375 INV374 INV373 INV372 INV371-2 INV371-1 INV370 INV369-6 INV369-5 INV369-4 INV369-3 INV369-2 INV369-1 INV368 INV367 INV366 INV365 INV364 INV363-2 INV363-1 INV362-5 INV362-4 INV362-3 INV361-6 INV360-2 INV360-1 INV359 INV358 INV357-2 INV357-1 INV356-2 INV356-1 INV355 INV354-4 INV354-3 INV354-2 INV354-1 INV353 INV352 INV350 INV349-3 INV349-2 INV349-1 INV348 INV347 INV346-3 INV346-1 INV345-4 INV345-3 INV345-2 INV345-1 INV344 INV343 INV342-2 INV342-1 INV341 INV340-3 INV340-2 INV340-1 INV339-2 INV339-1 INV338-4 INV338-3 INV338-2 INV338-1 INV337-3 INV337-2 INV337-1 INV336 INV335 INV334 INV333-3 INV333-2 INV333-1 INV332 INV331 INV330 INV329 INV327-11 INV327-10 INV327-9 INV327-8 INV327-7 INV327-6 INV327-5 INV327-4 INV327-3 INV327-1 INV326-3 INV326-2 INV326-1 INV325-2 INV325-1 INV324-3 INV324-2 INV324-1 INV323-2 INV323-1 INV322-2 INV322-1 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INV100 INV99-3 INV99-2 INV99-1 INV98-7 INV98-6 INV98-5 INV98-4 INV98-3 INV98-2 INV98-1 INV97 INV96-3 INV96-2 INV96-1 INV95 INV94-4 INV94-3 INV94-2 INV93-1 INV92-2 INV92-1 INV91-2 INV91-1 INV90-3 INV90-2 INV90-1 INV89-2 INV89-1 INV88-3 INV88-2 INV88-1 INV87-3 INV87-2 INV86 INV85 INV84-2 INV84-1 INV83 INV82 INV81 INV80-2 INV80-1 INV79 INV78-3 INV78-2 INV78-1 INV77-4 INV77-3 INV77-2 INV77-1 INV76-3 INV76-2 INV76-1 INV75-3 INV75-2 INV75-1 INV74-2 INV74-1 INV73-3 INV73-2 INV73-1 INV72 INV71 INV70 INV69 INV68 INV67-2 INV67-1 INV66-3 INV66-2 INV66-1 INV65-3 INV65-2 INV65-1 INV64-2 INV64-1 INV63 INV62-2 INV62-1 INV61-2 INV61-1 INV60-11 INV60-10 INV60-9 INV60-8 INV60-7 INV60-6 INV60-5 INV60-4 INV60-3 INV60-2 INV60-1 INV59 INV58 INV57 INV56-3 INV56-2 INV56-1 INV55 INV54-2 INV54-1 INV53-2 INV53-1 INV52 INV51 INV50 INV49-6 INV49-5 INV49-4 INV49-3 INV49-2 INV49-1 INV48 INV47 INV46-2 INV46-1 INV45-2 INV45-1 INV44-2 INV44-1 INV43 INV42-2 INV42-1 INV41-4 INV41-3 INV41-2 INV41-1 INV40-2 INV40-1 INV39-2 INV39-1 INV38-5 INV38-4 INV38-3 INV38-2 INV38-1 INV37 INV36 INV35 INV34-9 INV34-8 INV34-7 INV34-6 INV34-5 INV34-4 INV34-3 INV34-2 INV34-1 INV33C INV33B INV33A INV32C INV32B INV32A INV31C INV31B INV31A INV30C INV30B INV30A INV29B INV29A INV28 INV27 INV26 INV25 INV24C INV24B INV24A INV23 INV22-2 INV22-1 INV21-3 INV20 INV19 INV18 INV17-5 INV17-4 INV17-3 INV17-2 INV17-1 INV16-8 INV16-7 INV16-6 INV16-5 INV16-4 INV16-3 INV16-2 INV16-1 INV15 INV14-5 INV14-4 INV14-3 INV14-2 INV14-1 INV13B INV13A INV12E INV12D INV12C INV11 INV10 INV9 INV8 INV7 INV6 INV5 INV4 INV3 INV2 INV1 Appendix-II-320 Appendix-II-319 Appendix-II-318 Appendix-II-317 Appendix-II-316 Appendix-II-315 Appendix-II-314 Appendix-II-313 Appendix-II-312 Appendix-II-311 Appendix-II-310 Appendix-II-309 Appendix-II-308 Appendix-II-307 Appendix-II-306 Appendix-II-305 Appendix-II-304 Appendix-II-303 Appendix-II-302 Appendix-II-301 Appendix-II-300 Appendix-II-299 Appendix-II-298 Appendix-II-297 Appendix-II-296 Appendix-II-295 Appendix-II-294 Appendix-II-293 Appendix-II-292 Appendix-II-291 Appendix-II-290 Appendix-II-289 Appendix-II-288 Appendix-II-287 Appendix-II-286 Appendix-II-285 Appendix-II-284 Appendix-II-283 Appendix-II-282 Appendix-II-281 Appendix-II-280 Appendix-II-279 Appendix-II-278 Appendix-II-277 Appendix-II-276 Appendix-II-275 Appendix-II-274 Appendix-II-273 Appendix-II-272 Appendix-II-271 Appendix-II-270 Appendix-II-269 Appendix-II-268 Appendix-II-267 Appendix-II-266 Appendix-II-265 Appendix-II-264 Appendix-II-263 Appendix-II-262 Appendix-II-261 Appendix-II-260 Appendix-II-259 Appendix-II-258 Appendix-II-257 Appendix-II-256 Appendix-II-255 Appendix-II-254 Appendix-II-253 Appendix-II-252 Appendix-II-251 Appendix-II-250 Appendix-II-249 Appendix-II-248 Appendix-II-247 Appendix-II-246 Appendix-II-245 Appendix-II-244 Appendix-II-243 Appendix-II-242 Appendix-II-241 Appendix-II-240 Appendix-II-239 Appendix-II-238 Appendix-II-237 Appendix-II-236 Appendix-II-235 Appendix-II-234 Appendix-II-233 Appendix-II-232 Appendix-II-231 Appendix-II-230 Appendix-II-229 Appendix-II-228 Appendix-II-227 Appendix-II-226 Appendix-II-225 Appendix-II-224 Appendix-II-223 Appendix-II-222 Appendix-II-221 Appendix-II-220 Appendix-II-219 Appendix-II-218 Appendix-II-217 Appendix-II-216 Appendix-II-215 Appendix-II-214 Appendix-II-213 Appendix-II-212 Appendix-II-211 Appendix-II-210 Appendix-II-209 Appendix-II-208 Appendix-II-207 Appendix-II-206 Appendix-II-205 Appendix-II-204 Appendix-II-203 Appendix-II-202 Appendix-II-201 Appendix-II-200 Appendix-II-199 Appendix-II-198 Appendix-II-197 Appendix-II-196 Appendix-II-195 Appendix-II-194 Appendix-II-193 Appendix-II-192 Appendix-II-191 Appendix-II-190 Appendix-II-189 Appendix-II-188 Appendix-II-187 Appendix-II-186 Appendix-II-185 Appendix-II-184 Appendix-II-183 Appendix-II-182 Appendix-II-181 Appendix-II-180 Appendix-II-179 Appendix-II-178 Appendix-II-177 Appendix-II-176 Appendix-II-175 Appendix-II-174 Appendix-II-173 Appendix-II-172 Appendix-II-171 Appendix-II-170 Appendix-II-169 Appendix-II-168 Appendix-II-167 Appendix-II-166 Appendix-II-165 Appendix-II-164 Appendix-II-163 Appendix-II-162 Appendix-II-161 Appendix-II-160 Appendix-II-159 Appendix-II-158 Appendix-II-157 Appendix-II-156 Appendix-II-155 Appendix-II-154 Appendix-II-153 Appendix-II-152 Appendix-II-151 Appendix-II-150 Appendix-II-149 Appendix-II-148 Appendix-II-147 Appendix-II-146 Appendix-II-145 Appendix-II-144 Appendix-II-143 Appendix-II-142 Appendix-II-141 Appendix-II-140 Appendix-II-139 Appendix-II-138 Appendix-II-137 Appendix-II-136 Appendix-II-135 Appendix-II-134 Appendix-II-133 Appendix-II-132 Appendix-II-131 Appendix-II-130 Appendix-II-129 Appendix-II-128 Appendix-II-127 Appendix-II-126 Appendix-II-125 Appendix-II-124 Appendix-II-123 Appendix-II-122 Appendix-II-121 Appendix-II-120 Appendix-II-119 Appendix-II-118 Appendix-II-117 Appendix-II-116 Appendix-II-115 Appendix-II-114 Appendix-II-113 Appendix-II-112 Appendix-II-111 Appendix-II-110 Appendix-II-109 Appendix-II-108 Appendix-II-107 Appendix-II-106 Appendix-II-105 Appendix-II-104 Appendix-II-103 Appendix-II-102 Appendix-II-101 Appendix-II-100 Appendix-II-99 Appendix-II-98 Appendix-II-97 Appendix-II-96 Appendix-II-95 Appendix-II-94 Appendix-II-93 Appendix-II-92 Appendix-II-91 Appendix-II-90 Appendix-II-89 Appendix-II-88 Appendix-II-87 Appendix-II-86 Appendix-II-85 Appendix-II-84 Appendix-II-83 Appendix-II-82 Appendix-II-81 Appendix-II-80 Appendix-II-79 Appendix-II-78 Appendix-II-77 Appendix-II-76 Appendix-II-75 Appendix-II-74 Appendix-II-73 Appendix-II-72 Appendix-II-71 Appendix-II-70 Appendix-II-69 Appendix-II-68 Appendix-II-67 Appendix-II-66 Appendix-II-65 Appendix-II-64 Appendix-II-63 Appendix-II-62 Appendix-II-61 Appendix-II-60 Appendix-II-59 Appendix-II-58 Appendix-II-57 Appendix-II-56 Appendix-II-55 Appendix-II-54 Appendix-II-53 Appendix-II-52 Appendix-II-51 Appendix-II-50 Appendix-II-49 Appendix-II-48 Appendix-II-47 Appendix-II-46 Appendix-II-45 Appendix-II-44 Appendix-II-43 Appendix-II-42 Appendix-II-41 Appendix-II-40 Appendix-II-39 Appendix-II-38 Appendix-II-37 Appendix-II-36 Appendix-II-35 Appendix-II-34 Appendix-II-33 Appendix-II-32 Appendix-II-31 Appendix-II-30 Appendix-II-29 Appendix-II-28 Appendix-II-27 Appendix-II-26 Appendix-II-25 Appendix-II-24 Appendix-II-23 Appendix-II-22 Appendix-II-21 Appendix-II-20 Appendix-II-19 Appendix-II-18 Appendix-II-17 Appendix-II-16 Appendix-II-15 Appendix-II-14 Appendix-II-13 Appendix-II-12 Appendix-II-11 Appendix-II-10 Appendix-II-9 Appendix-II-8 Appendix-II-7 Appendix-II-6 Appendix-II-5 Appendix-II-4 Appendix-II-3 Appendix-II-2 Appendix-II-1 Appendix-I-54 Appendix-I-53 Appendix-I-52 Appendix-I-51 Appendix-I-50 Appendix-I-49 Appendix-I-48 Appendix-I-47 Appendix-I-46 Appendix-I-45 Appendix-I-44 Appendix-I-43 Appendix-I-42 Appendix-I-41 Appendix-I-40 Appendix-I-39 Appendix-I-38 Appendix-I-37 Appendix-I-36 Appendix-I-35 Appendix-I-34 Appendix-I-33 Appendix-I-32 Appendix-I-31 Appendix-I-30 Appendix-I-29 Appendix-I-28 Appendix-I-27 Appendix-I-26 Appendix-I-25 Appendix-I-24 Appendix-I-23 Appendix-I-22 Appendix-I-21 Appendix-I-20 Appendix-I-19 Appendix-I-18 Appendix-I-17 Appendix-I-16 Appendix-I-15 Appendix-I-14 Appendix-I-13 Appendix-I-12 Appendix-I-11 Appendix-I-10 Appendix-I-9 Appendix-I-8 Appendix-I-7 Appendix-I-6 Appendix-I-5 Appendix-I-4 Appendix-I-3 Appendix-I-2 Appendix-I-1 INV433-2 INV433-1 INV438-2 INV438-1 INV438-2 INV438-1 INV438-2 INV439-4 INV439-3 INV439-2 INV439-1 INV441

December 9, 2013 by

Earlier this month, actor Paul Walker tragically passed away when his 2005 Porsche Carrera GT supercar wrecked and caught on fire.  Just weeks before, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) continually made headlines when several flagship Model S cars caught fire and nearly caused serious injury to the drivers.  A new study by Osurv suggests these automotive events are linked and the fires may have a deadly connection.

Three Model S fires in 30 days

On Oct 1st, 2013 in Seattle, a Tesla Model S struck a metal object on the highway and quickly caught fire.  The driver narrowly escaped.  On Oct 18th in Mexico, a Model S was involved in a high speed car accident that ended with the vehicle becoming engulfed in flames.  Finally, on Nov 6, outside of Nashville, another Model S ran over a tow hitch and then caught fire.  All three incidents were ultimately caused by battery packs igniting from punctures and other damage.

Tesla has since made engineering changes to all their cars and now offers fire coverage on an extended warranty.  The upcoming BMW i3 and i8 have already been designed with special shields to protect their battery packs from this kind of damage, and the Nissan Leaf has yet to report a single fire in 60k+ vehicles in operation, presumably due to a similar construction.


Paul Walker’s Porsche may have a similar design flaw

According to new reports about the Paul Walker accident, the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT that carried him and Roger Rodas may have been leaking power steering fluid.  This is typically caused by wear and tear on the steering lines (i.e. dry rot) and/or undercarriage impact damage from a road object.  Since undercarriage vulnerability was the root cause for the Tesla fires, there appears to be a deeper connection between the two vehicles and the nature of their design.

It is still unknown what specifically caused Rodas’ Carrera GT to lose control, though some witnesses reported hearing a bang before the actual impact.  This could have been caused by the car striking road debris.  If this is the case, then it’s possible the debris struck a vital unprotected component like on the Teslas, initiating a chain of events that led to a deadly outcome.  Due to the intense heat of the fire burning up evidence and the lack of clear video footage, we may never know what really happened.

Elon Musk has a history with Porsche

Elon Musk, the eccentric founder of Tesla, is rumored to have owned the same model of Porsche that cost the life of Paul Walker.  The photo below, from a Business Insider interview of Elon Musk, shows the exterior of his lavish estate.  In the corner of the photo, tucked in the far left garage bay, is another Porsche model.  Since Musk appears to be a fan, one must wonder if Porsche design served as inspiration for Model S’s sleek look and potential undercarriage design issues.  The cars do look remarkably similar.

he-heads-to-spacexs-office-in-his-model-s he-heads-to-spacexs-office-in-his-model-s-zoom

Exotic car owners take a mobile survey

To investigate these connections, Osurv conducted a mobile survey of 248 exotic car owners in California while they attended various automotive events including Supercar Sunday, Motor4Toys, Cars & Coffee, and the Paul Walker memorial car rally.  Events like these are often frequented by celebrity car enthusiasts such as Jay Leno, pictured below at Supercar Sunday.  In 2005, Jay Leno lost control of a Carrera GT at a racetrack, ending in a brutal wreck.  Jay walked away without a scratch.

In the survey, we asked several key questions exploring owners’ thoughts and beliefs about their exotic cars.  When asked which car manufacturer they strongly associated with Porsche design, a whopping 82% selected Tesla, 9% picked Mercedes Benz, 5% selected BMW, and 4% were spread across other manufacturers.  This proves there is at least a  superficial connection between the Porsche Carrera GT and the Tesla Model S.

Special Osurv technology allowed for precise followup questions.  Certain respondents were asked why they associate Tesla with Porsche, specifically what trait they think the two brands have in common.  The majority, 65%, selected Safety.  29% selected Design and only 6% picked Engineering.  Safety is apparently a very hot topic.

Do you believe there is a link between Tesla’s fires and Paul Walker’s fiery crash?

  • 78% replied Yes
  • 3% said No
  • 19% were unsure

More questions than answers

Until the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety probe into Tesla is complete and the final Paul Walker crash scene investigation wraps up, nobody can say for sure that the two are linked.  However, the survey shows that people are starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Whether it’s an innocent trait carried over by a zealous designer or something more, only time will tell.  In the meantime, prospective buyers of both Tesla and Porsche are staying on the sidelines until the smoke clears.


The Non Specialness of Tesla

Anybody with a room full of engineers can start a car company and sell a few thousand cars if they get hundreds of millions of free tax dollars to kick it off.

Anybody with a room full of engineers can start a car company and sell a few thousand cars if they get hundreds of millions of free tax dollars to kick it off and then use the manipulated winning of that free tax money to falsely hype the stock market.

Anybody with a hundreds of millions of free tax dollars can put some batteries and an electric motor on a car.

The engineering of the Tesla has failed so many times and had to redone over and over so that the car is now just a plain old electric car with a sleek body. Anybody can put a sleek body on a plain old electric car.

Anybody can say Tesla is not Solyndra but Solyndra was a scam for funding and Tesla is the same scam for funding, walking distance from Solyndra, using the same people, tricks, manipulations and payoffs; thus Tesla is a non-special scam exactly like Solyndra.

Peter Deakins
Chicago, Ill

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