Who are all those people on the streets with clipboards in all of the cities?

They are ACORN and GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGNS and a bunch of other organizations funded by unions, billionaires and special interest industries. Their job is to collect money for campaigns and get people listed in their campaign databases for later targeting. There are Republican teams and Democratic teams.

The low level street workers are advised that they are saving the seals or the whales or saving our guns or stopping abortions but that is only part of the story. The “premise” gets the street workers to work long hours for low pay and act very passionate about a thing they believe in. At the top level of each organization the group is “contracted” by a political group to provide data harvesting services.

Their mission is as much about volume as it is about cash. The bigger the number of people they can show the logo to, get an email address from or “tag”, the better the chance of getting the associated candidates elected. Are they good? Are they bad? Are they confusing? Are they disinformation? You decide:

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