Why Google Must Be Eradicated From The Earth

By Wendy Ives

Google is the Enron of the internet, The Stasi of the web, the Jim Jones of information, the Nazi’s of politics, the cancer of networking, the Scientology of corporate culture and the social hemorrhoid of the planet Earth.

As of today, there are over a million articles on the web itemizing the horrific evils and crimes against the public that Google has engaged in.

From data abuse to bribery, from White House take-overs to epic tax evasion, from monopolization and anti-trust to hooker murders and sex penthouses, from the abuse of school children to reading the public’s emails, from spying on the public for secret police services to misogynistic corporate culture, from not hiring blacks to creating immigration conflicts, from age-ism to elitism, to hundreds of other social crimes: Google no longer has a right to exist!

Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen and the rest of the billionaire madmen at Google have proven that they are incapable of existence without a glut of sex scandals, bribes, illegal manipulations of public policy and other societal ills.

Everyone should contact every company that they see advertising on Google and tell them to STOP advertising on Google. When you see those top sets of search results on any Google search; you know, the ones with special highlights at the top and side of the page of Google search results? Write those companies and tell them you are boycotting them until they stop appearing on Google.

Write your elected representatives and demand that Google be investigated.

Tell your friends that they are “dumb” if they continue to use Google. Warn them of the dangers and evils of the Google empire.

Join every anti-google group you can find and follow their suggestions for shutting down Google.

Use your social media to further expand the distribution of stories exposing the raw criminality of Google. Get the word out. Don’t let the information flow lapse. Get your friends on social media to pass the word, too.

Google spends nearly a billion dollars a year bribing politicians to keep law enforcement away from them. That is a crime. It is a crime against YOU, personally. You pay part of your payroll to politicians in order to get protection, yet Google pays them ten times more to keep those same politicians from doing their jobs.

You owe it to your family, society and your own safety to do what you can to stop Google from spreading it’s festering debauched tech billionaire tunnel-vision across the land.